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Commented on Eggshell Contest - EggShark - 1/5 Dungeon (1 Star) creation


This looks adorable, such a cute shark! Good job :) How does it look from the back side? 

Unfortunately i can not approve it right away because something seems to be wrong with the uploaded file. When i try to load the blueprint into metaforge it says 'failed to load'. Converting it back to QB doesnt seem to be doing much either.

Could you please follow the steps below just to be sure nothing went wrong:

1) If you are using MagicaVoxel - in bottom right corner find an Export button and Export as .QB file.

2) Locate your Trove/Live folder and devtool_dungeon_QB_to_blueprint.bat in there.

3) Use your .QB from the first step on that .BAT to convert it to .BLUEPRINT

4) Upload that .blueprint to the Files tab on this Creation page.

If you have troubles with any of that - the detailed explanations on how to do everything are in the even article > 

I am going to change the status of this one to Active. Hoping to see it  on review again!