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Commented on Skullharpoon Spear creation


Sorry for the delay.

Spear design looks good! I like the idea, and colors used read very well as natural and Jurassic, well done :)

Unfortunately its not all so glorious from the technical side. All spears must be full 45 voxels long with Attachment Point in precise location. That insures that spear model will look properly during all animations and skills. For example, if the distance between AP and tip of the spear head is less than 32 voxels it likely will float above the ground instead of piercing it during Lunar Lancers skill usage.

On the top is your spear, on the bottom - spear template. If i match the placement of APs, your design becomes 2 voxels longer (front) and 4 voxels shorter (back) than required. That can be easily vixed by moving AP few voxels to the front and adding 2 missing voxels of length to the shaft.

Please also keep an eye on the pommel - it can not exceed size of 3x3x3 cube.

Another thing, while the design does look good and realistic, i think it would shine better if skull was more recognizable as a skull from the top side too. At the moment forehead is wide and feels one-colored. May be it would work better with bigger eyeholes and heavier shading around them? Or some bone spikes, or some cracks or any other details.

I made a quick edit to show what i mean, more or less. It is not perfect and you do not need to copy it. Just hoping it could inspire you to make some improvements by yourself :)

Going to change the status of your creation to Active for now, but hoping to see it on Review again!