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Posted on Venomous Fly Bow creation

Ylva Creations Team
6 days ago


Im so happy to see this bow again, very interesting color combination and shape, and you did good job on refining it :)

Latest Troxel link at the moment complains about alpha-on-solid-voxels, meaning you have some voxels mapped on Alpha but not mapped as glass/glowing glass/tiled glass on Type. Your Alpha map alone (in troxel) looks good, but if i try to download it, it shows 6 voxels that are mapped Glowing colored with transparency on Alpha map. Could you please make sure there are correct files uploaded to Troxel?

Another thing, im absolutely fond of new design, its fresh and clean, but those two pink 'sticks' look somewhat out of place. May be they would fit in better if they were a bit thicker?

Hoping to see it back on Review soon!