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Posted on Glorious Knight Helmet creation

Hello again!

Changes looking great, you made the design bulkier but kept triangle-ish shape, well done :) Good job on mapping too, glowing golds give it a bit of a techno vibe :D

I see you also removed black 'background' from visor part? I thought it looked quite mysterious with it, but it looks good without it as well! Although if you prefer it this way, id suggest to make gap for the eyes a bit wider/cleaner. I understand its not the way real-life helmets work but small visor without black to highlight it looks rather busy in game and doesnt read all too well, especially with headless style.

You did very nice shading, but overall helmet still feels as if it only uses two colors. It is not a bad thing in this case id say, but may be it will work better if shadows were more contrast (more visual difference between brightest and darkest) or if there was a splash of color in them instead of just black/white? This is optional though, if you feel like it looks best with the colors it already has, so be it :)

Back to Active for a tiny bit, hoping to see slightly more convincing visor on next review.