1 token is basically one offer more you can take on :b like f.e. 1 more bronze egg, 10 more dragon coins etc :b just was curious if i didn't see an extra coin :D (would have actually helped me a bit, since its hard for me to do the last two daily quests if you can only barely reach t3 :D

Tho, i love the feature that they have 5x5 of these metamatter in that shop, so its a little boost in upgrading geode stuff so you might be able to do the two quests so depending how far you are, you might want to spend 5 tokens there or might just skip this offer if you're far enough, the most interesting offers seem to be 50 dragon coins (5t), the ally (10t), metamatter if necessairy, maybe 5 Bound Brilliance (25t), the 3 gem boxes. that would make 23-28 effective token used, while 23 is doable with only the first daily quest :D