Join the Party is back on the PC version of Trove to rock your blocks off! Face off against the foul forces of shadow as powerful Pinata Invaders bring the pain.

Take down the Pinata Invaders to earn Pinata Coins, a Celebratory Pinata, or a shot at the Lively Launchers wings, the Celebratory Pin Head hat style, or the rare mount, Celebratory Pinata.

Toss these special pinatas with your friends and get 3 Pinata Coins for yourself and 1 each for seven Trovians partying hard with you.

Very rarely the Celebratory Pinatas may also drop the spectacular Hyped-Up Pinata mount. This powered up pinata is a very fast land mount that can also glide through the air with the greatest of ease.

Pinates the Purveyor is back in the Hub and selling the mounts from our previous Join the Party events as well as the brand new Hyped-Up Pinata mount!

If you haven’t completed the Join the Party quests in the earlier events they are back again.

Party down all day, erryday!