Weekly Events
  • Chaos chest has been shuffled! This week's hotness is Squeakers, the flying sugar glider!
  • Running out of space? We got you! Extra rows of Inventory Space and extra tabs in the Personal Chest are both on sale for 50% off this week!

Featured Changes
  • Shadow Tower Normal has been tuned to be more focused on solo players. As a result, each Normal floor besides the last now only gives 1 Titan Soul.
  • Shaper's Vision boxes are now named Titan's Treasure and at Uncommon and Rare will give increasing amounts of flux instead of quad or penta souls.
  • The Gems UI now has "Karma" bar display that will fill up on failed upgrade attempts. Gem Karma has already been live for a few weeks. As a reminder: If you have bad luck repeatedly, eventually you will be guaranteed a success! The amount of progress varies based on what booster item, if any, is used and the success rate at that particular level. The bar is reset to 0 on any successful upgrade (through random chance or through karma).
  • Collections now has options to hide collected, hide uncollected, or show all collectables.
  • Claims earned from leaderboard contests now show your final rank and score.
  • Fixed a world-creation error that was causing players to get placed on servers in the wrong region, and would create very long world startup times on Mondays.

Misc Fixes / Updates
  • Fixed some stability and performance problems related to file loading.
  • Fixed a bug where the comma key could not be used as a keybinding.
  • In Collections, Dragon Ascension Badges now show how many Mastery Points are granted by the reward items at each level.
  • In Collections, the Marketplace button now shows up for items you've already collected.
  • Fixed a bug where pulling out of a trade session can prevent the other person from starting a new trade session.
  • Neophyte's Wings now correctly state the Mastery unlock requirement (5).
  • The tooltip that appears when mousing over a Gem Socket now has significantly fewer creative spellings of words.

Community Submissions
  • New Candoria dungeon from WinRAR-exe!
  • New Fae dungeon from ShiranaiYou!

Added some remaining Conqueror Level Alpha Supporters to the in-game supporter list. Shout out to the following players:
  • Chronozilla
  • Quibble
  • Tatijana
  • Uniquisher
  • Blasteron
  • Sasha
  • Vesago
  • Teeheetummytums
  • Beefaroo
  • XPnow
  • Kwongger