Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark

Forsaking the worlds of Light, she took the battle to the Shadows' home.

Having this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +250 Magic Damage, +1% Critical Hit and +50 Magic Find.

Designed by: Screamheart

250 30

Themes: Infineon


Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark has the following effects:


  • 90 Movement Speed


  • 95 Movement Speed
  • 100 Glide

Last updated 2 years ago

? Mount allows the player to move quickly on land.

? Wings allow the player to glide through the air.

How to Obtain

You can unlock the Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark in the following methods:

Crafted using the following recipes:

Unlocked from the following unlockers:

Golden Dragon Effigy

Unlocks a random Legendary Dragon you don't already have unlocked. Does not include Ancestral or Primordial Dragons.

Draconic Superiority Complex

You have won an entire air force! Use to unlock 15 mighty dragons: Erel, Yorinn, Erimatra, Selene, Panatea, Ludini, Fortras, Albairn, Dracocolatl, Thallasion, Flakbeard, Drak-O-Lantern, Inora, Tysorion, and Tannenbomber.

Dragon Force

Use to grant yourself six mighty dragons: Panatea, the Partifier; Ludini, Patron of Playfulness; Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark; Selene, the Celestial Storm; Yorinn, the Dusk Shadow; and Erel, the Ironbolt.

@Super Dragon Force

@Use to unlock many dragons!

Items which unlock this collection:


Updated: 3 years ago

Created: 5 years ago

Imported in Patch: Faster Fish and Double Dragon

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this is my first dragon

Can someone give me this as a present please? xD

this dragon is good for a dracolite class o-o


So beautiful *^* I want it! T^T

c'est vraiment 250% de dommage magique ou je rêve ? / It's very 250% magic dammage ? O_o


Nan c'est +250 MD pas 250% xD