Mobile Miso Bowl

Take a tasty dip on the go. Watch the temperature though.

Designed by: Trove Team 50 Trove Mastery


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Chaos Chests
  • We have retired 20 collectables from the Chaos Chest chase prize list. These collectables will no longer drop from Chaos Chests or Golden Chaos Chests but will remain on the Chaos Core Crafter under a new category - Chaos Vault. Here is a list of the collectables:
    • Benevolent Bovine
    • Echo Wave Cycle
    • Hexflame Harrier
    • Digital Dragonfly Wings
    • Silver Tabby Meownt
    • Hydrojet Streamers
    • BL-0550-M Off-Road Custom
    • Toasty Coaster
    • Cobalt Carp
    • Brownie Boosters
    • Cyclone Skimmer
    • Verses of Violence
    • Whacky Waffle
    • Proto Platypus
    • Batty Batoid
    • Infini Frigate
    • Siramis, Spring's Renewal
    • Cinnabar Squad Quad
    • Rocket Ship
    • Rolling Salvo

  • 2 new Double Experience Packs are now available - boost leveling with either a 5 pack or a 30 pack.
  • The Style tab now has the Mobile Melon mount and the Red Storm costume for the Lunar Lancer.

Additional Updates
  • The Radiant Merchant in the Hub has an expanded inventory until 4AM PDT (11 AM UTC) on 5/22.
    • Class Gem Keys are available for 1 Radiant Sovereign
    • Lustrous Gem Boxes are available for 3 Radiant Sovereigns
    • Stellar Empowered Gem Boxes are available for 7 Radiant Sovereigns.
  • A new set of Dev Dream allies have been introduced. Watch the livestream to win boxes and collect them all! (Note: these allies do not grant Mastery. Further note: Tiny Tea Rex is clearly the best one.)
  • Luxion now appears prominently on the welcome screen when he has landed in the Hub!
  • The welcome screen image for Gathering Day will now show Steed Feed instead of the erroneously displayed Shadow Shard.
  • The Gloaming Guardian costume for Vanguardian is now available from the Shadowy Market for Despoiled Divinity.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Challenge alerts to get stuck in a Times Up state in Club Worlds.
  • The leech effect on the Tomb Raiser's Basic Attack in normal and Banshee form should now work correctly in the Ultra mode of the Shadow Tower.
  • Knight's "Iron Will" ability will now only apply to friendly players in Battle Arenas.
  • Updated the text for the Enter a Medieval Highlands World to reflect that the Atlas is actually a large workstation.
  • The Outpost Adventure to kill 10 enemies of the resistors in Luminopolis should now give credit for all enemies killed inside the sub-biome.
  • Mycenius, the Club Adventure NPC, has grown tired of his sword collection and now desires Shapestone from his beloved home of Medieval Highlands. His Find Swords in Medieval Highlands adventures have been replaced with Mine Shapestone in Medieval Highlands adventures.
  • The Fire VFX in the Darknik Dreadnaught fight should now orient correctly.
  • The Anti-Gravity Gravy Boat and Mobile Miso Bowl can now glide.
  • The tooltips for Gigastormer Beacons now mention how long they'll last before despawning.
  • The Market Daily Bonus will no longer tell non-members they must pay rent to use it.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message that could occur when paying rent for fixtures.
  • [PS4 Only] Improved invites from both in game and out of game. Note that occasionally invites may not teleport you directly to the inviting player.
  • [collection=collections/mount/carpet_miso] desc changed from 'Take a tasty dip on the go. Watch the temperature though' to 'Take a tasty dip on the go. Watch the temperature though.'
  • [collection=collections/mount/carpet_miso] category changed from 'InProgress' to 'Store'
  • NEW: [collection=collections/mount/carpet_miso] - Take a tasty dip on the go. Watch the temperature though (InProgress)
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