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Avarem wrote:

We've permanently banned a number of people, especially for the lure bug so far, and we're still going through reports and taking action on more.

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Fasti wrote:

If any of you run into a situation where you are confident that there is a glitch or exploit, please contact me directly via a forum DM and provide as much information as possible so I can inform the...

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dope_sheet wrote:

Quote Originally Posted by Callback View Post
Bug or no bug, a cancelled cast should refund a lure, and this does need to be changed.
Nope. The lost lure is a penalty for reeling in too early, because game.

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Srayer wrote:

Quote Originally Posted by Cruzinbill View Post
...randomly throughout you do not get fish.
This is not behavior that I have been able to reproduce. How frequently does it happen? Is there any particular biome, liquid, or time of day in which you've seen it happen?

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Srayer wrote:

Quote Originally Posted by Frika View Post
Ok so, I didn't see any post about this problem on the forums yet, so I thought I'd share.

I've noticed a bug that started occuring after the Post Pirate Edition patch, where " Fishing lures are now consumed immediately upon casting" was introduced. Whenever you hook a fish with the last lure in your inventory, the lure will be consumed but you will not get a fish, effectively wasting that lure. This happens with every last lure, and not just once every now and then.
Thanks for reporting this! It will be fixed in the next patch.

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