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A club on PC. Ranked #6/1408 by number of reported props.


Members 311 Entry managed by ScythePlays


Team Pixel was created by YouTuber Scythe Plays. Maybe you heard of him? The club promotes a clean atmosphere without swearing or potty language. It's a simple rule, and if not followed will result in a ban from the club.

There are no requirements to join Team Pixel, we only need to have a free slot to invite you.

We regularly kick inactive users from the club to make room for new users. If you happen to get kicked, you can always get invited back :)


Jet Jammer
Ends 7 hours from now

Batty Batoid
Ends 1 day from now

Land Scaper 8000-T
Ends 2 days from now

Macedoine Master
Ends 3 days from now

Art Contest

Ends 1 week from now

Ends 2 weeks from now


Trovesaurus 4th Anniversary
Starts 2 days from now

Snowfest 2018
Starts 4 days from now

Modish Marksman
Ended 17 hours ago

Guardian Golem
Ended 2 days ago

Ended 3 days ago

Rampage Datastreamer
Ended 6 days ago

Borkshire Pudding
Ended 7 days ago