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Shadow dungeons make up floors of Shadow Tower.

All Shadow Dungeons have increased chance for better loot. Defeating monsters, Elite Monsters and Bosses in Shadow Dungeons rewards players with Shadow Shard and key fragments (type depends on difficulty), aside from gear loot. Elite monsters can also drop Binding Darkness and rarely Starfire Dragon Egg Fragment.

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Shadow Tower Lobby can be accessed via Trovian Atlas (in Hub, or Ctrl+A by default), or via Shadow Tower Portal in clubworlds. 

Shadow Tower floors consist of Shadow dungeons. Players must complete 3 on each floor to reach Shadow Pinnacle or Altar of the Moon. 

Portals opend on Shadow Tower Portal workbenches lead to the first dungeon on selected floor. To open a portal player needs Flux, 50 Flux per Normal floor, 250 Flux per Hard floor and 500 Flux per Ultra floor.

No more than 8 players can be in one dungeon at a time. Anyone in group can /joinme username other players to join the group, joining players must have appropriate Power Rank. Person who opened a portal is appointed a "group leader" and can /kick username other players from a group (they are being teleported to Trovian Hub Square if kicked).

Shadow dungeons spawn either as Arena dungeon (5 waves of monsters in one room) or as big Dungeons, which have at least one Cursed Skulls quest before Main boss. Minor quests are usually tied to Barricade 0, which block the way to Main boss. Completing minor quests removes barricades.

Completing either Quest or Miniquest replenishes Flask charges. If killed in Shadow dungeon, player will remain dead till wave of monsters is finished or till the boss is killed. If all players in a group are dead before wave is completed, quest resets and starts from the beginning.

After completing a dungeon players proceed to end room which has already opened portal on said workbench leading to the next dungeon on the floor.


Appearance of Shadow DungeonsTop ^


There is a wide variety of Shadow Dungeons. Most of them are themed aroud Shadow and Chaotic themes, but there are also Permafrost, Candorian and Desert-frontier Steampunk-ish shadow dungeons. Layouts of dungeons vary lots aswell.

Dungeons are populated by Shadow versions of mobs from other biomes, as well as special monsters that can only be met in Shadow realm.

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