Neon CityBiome

Found in Adventure Worlds starting at Uber-3 difficulty (Power Rank 550). These lands of high-technologies are made of tall data-towers, circuit trees and plasma rivers. It is a native homeland of the Neon Ninja. You can meet various types of robotic beings here. Defeat enemies and complete quests here to obtain Neon City styles and deco recipes. This is the only biome where Rampage Challenges happen. All robots here drop Robotic Salvage, Plasmium and rarely Kami Dragon Egg Fragment.

Resources and Items found in the biomeTop ^


Terrain and Sub-BiomesTop ^

Sub-biome of Neon City is Luminopolis. Neither Neon City nor Luminopolis appear in Gem-Specific worlds.

Terrain of Neon City is mostly flat, height changes within biome are rare and represented by square steps and platforms. Rivers of poisonous Plasma are found everywhere. Aside from lairs and dungeons only structures in Neon City are tall dark data-towers, covered in power lines. Light blue circuit trees light up the biome. There are no underground caves.

Luminopolis also has terrain simillar to Neon City, but instead of data towers all structures here are colorful and bright futuristic buildings with blinking LED lights (blocks). Trees have glowing and bright neon foliage. 

Neon City Terrain 1

Neon City Terrain 2

Neon City Terrain 3

Luminopolis Terrain 1

Luminopolis Terrain 2

Luminopolis Terrain 4

During the Saminator event in 2017 players could obtain d00-dad Mk. IV Futurator consumable that creates portals to Dysblockian Future - mini worlds that look like Neon city but only contain one dungeon, Biomes Spire. One had to defeat boss to proceed with quest chain. It is still possible to access those worlds, but there is nothing to be gained from them.