Paletto, The Colorful Canvas: Concept idea!

Concept idea by me.
10/10 best original name.

Anyway, as you can see, this dragon has a ridicolous amount of colors, and some complicated wings, but hey, who doesn't like a challenge?

But for being serious; if you want to mod this dragon, go ahead, just credit me please.  
Also, if you feel lazy about it, you can cut down the color variation, as long as it still looks like a rainbow, or a messy canvas. 

Detailed ref:
Body is NOT white, think of a very pale yellow, like an old-times canvas and/or paper.

Body drips ink and/or watercolors (can come in any color except for grey/white and black)

Wings have a paler color than the splats of colors around it's body.

See those spiky things on it's back? It's crayons.

The tail tip should be looking same-ish as the wings with the effects, and color.

Have fun!

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