Color the Trio

Ever get bored and just want to color something? I got your back, just choose one and have fun!
HOWEVER. You should credit me if you are gonna use these, or it will be taken down!
ALSO MIND That you cannot use these for any contest entries as it does not count towards the application. Be warned.

Answers for commonly asked questions:

Why do i get a Spyro vibe out of your art?
My artstyle is inspired by Spyro, i just love the triology games.

What are you drawing with/on?
I draw on my laptop, using my puny excuse for a mouse.

What program are you using?
Medibang Paint Pro.

Is your drawing program free?
Yes it is! (100%, except for a free register if you want more text fonts)

Happy coloring, Merry Christmas, and early Happy New Year!

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