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Hey. Just a tip for your next arts. They are good. Just detail them a little more and add a good background. I reccomend gradients. Also for some little editing you can use , I know it'll take a little long to figure it out how to work on it , but it's like paint's better little brother. You can edit , add multiple effects. 

Here's a little tutorial : Make your art. Then use magic wand tool and click the background then press Del (delete) button.

                            -Make another layer , then design your background.

                            - If you want multiple effects like : glow or anything just search the thing then copy the image to ur clipboard then go to program and press the paste button. (you will fiind it for sure , it's like some brown thingy)

                            -If the background gets over the drawing , and you have more layers than just 2 , just move the background layer exactly above your drawing.Then press on your drawing and you will see under layer section a up arrow button. Press it.

                             -Attention !!! If you want to work on a single layer , make the others invisible by uncheking the layer casette. Then click on your layer that you want to work , because it may remain clicked on the other layer u made invisible and it will do all the work on the layer u made invisible.



(sorry for the bad english , but i guess you understood some stuff)


That's how to make your drawing better. If you have any more questions ask me.

I'm trying to encourage all people to make great things , since i'm bad at amlost anything. At least i have a great imagination and i observe any details , from every art , game or anything , and i also have a skill to improve stuff.

Oh wow, yeah, thanks! I honestly had no idea anyone would even see my doodles here, let alone help me improve them. Thank you very much!!

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