We are in jungle wonderland! - Diamond Lord & Pinata Tamer

Source: http://dond0n.deviantart.com/art/We-are-in-jungle-wonderland-671888609

All the treasures are hidden in the wonderland!!!( ´∀`)

This awesome mod is made by Anibaal :)


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Oh snap, this one is amazing! (╯°□°)╯

Dinos are too cuuuuute

I love them too:) especially the red one, I want to hug him. (〃∀〃)

liked this!

This is really beautiful, and your art style is adorable.

You made my day, thank you! ♥

Glad you like the image, it means a lot to me. (*´∀`)~♥

Your series of images would likely make for good entries to the T-Shirt contest, although the background would probably need to be transparent.

I will consider about that, thanks for your kindly advise:)

Adorable :D I really like your art style, and I especially like all the details in the background. Great job! Best of luck to you on the contest!

Thank you. I appreciate that! Hope you can win the contest, too:)


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