Congrats on the 3 year anniversary,I found this site randomly when I was looking for trove related guides and information about items when I was still new to Trove, and I decided to join the community. Nowadays I use it for guides, posting art and mods. In the future I would like to see more modding contests and maybe some building contests to encourage other types of craft. Hopefully the community stays strong and good luck for the future.

 Keep grinding

This is how shadow hunter feels after the class gem.

Thank you for the critisicm! it is greatly appreciated, firstly this didnt start out as Ronin i was creating a New year slinger mod, but after i was done i had a hard time actually comming up with a Title, im still thinking about the title. The guns are bulky and im still trying to make them smaller while still keeping the dragon aspect. yes, i would like to learn more about modding, I am willing to learn and improve .

thank you and

have a great day !

Escuse my grammar

COSTUME ( Gunslinger)

Learn the ways of the Ronin, harness the power of the dragon and unleash powerfull attacks towards your enemies. Hope you enjoy this mods :D and hopefully we can make it in game :3

even though im late Happy Birthday! :D

Tea party with Mr Quebsly!

Hey there! this is the comical artist and this is how my fae trickster looks in game with the breeze borne blossom wings.

Here is a drawing of Tysorion Steward of new beginnings because it's my favourite dragon!


Hello! I am BlazingKnight, I like to do digital drawings check out my Instagram @The_Comical_Artist. If you have any concerns about my art feel free to message me here or in my instagram. 


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