I've always thought of Trovesaurus as a more updated database while the wiki is slower to update but more in-depth

*Me after the pinata event*

Was thinking in terms of identifying with the place of origin along with where you currently live, but I see your point

Really great idea! Maybe add the option to join multiple countries?

Looks like I'm gonna buy a Love Seat Recliner now

There's a spelling error in the item description

Club Penguin will always be in our hearts


Polymorphs Players into Playful Penguins

Now everyone is going to be walking around with regular Qubesly lol

Why is this under utility?

Shouldn't Lunar Lancer be above Chloromancer?

Why is this under utility?

I believe this is the same one as the portal to The First Scenario (Shadow Hub)

This is located in the hidden underground tunnels of The First Scenario (Shadow Hub)

You can find this in The First  Scenario (Shadow Hub)


I make things.. sometimes..

Trove Wiki:

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