But with the patron you get 4 chaos chests per day. Use one in the afternoon and get 4 in the afternoon when you use it and 4 in the morning after you use it. Or save them for double chaos factor weeks and get 16 chests per pass.

This code won't work on consoles.

This code won't work on consoles.

This isn't for consoles.

You only have to reach Mastery Rank 10 to unlock the Market place.

Xbox players call this the right trigger. But it is the same thing.

You also only gain as much experience as you would in the highest über that your pr would allow you. If you are 900 pr in an über 8 world, you will still only get the experience as if you were completing dungeons in über 5 world. Until your pr gets to the next tier. This is true on consoles and pc.

If you win, you'll get a code that you redeem at

But after each draw there is one less person there. So everyone gets a slight better chance as it gets closer to the end. But still less than 1% but a chance is a chance.

This could be interesting. I feel the game may be due for a new loading screen. Is it going to be different between both consoles and pc?

I'm allergic to potato. :(

I would love to win one of these, but I'm a strictly console player, and these giveaways aren't completely supported on console yet. But Good luck all.


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