Looks awesome! Might have actual competition to the Dino Tamer now, with a punching class. Excited!

I enjoy the concepts behind Trove. Repetition: the same thing that drives some of my friends away from the game gives it an attractive quality to me. Something that I can appreciate in a game, especially one of this caliber, is the capability to become a seamless addition to a regular day's schedule. I work a 9-to-5, and the game is a nice break I can take for an indeterminate amount of time. The detail and constant updates to the game give way to anticipation for things other than Tax Season for me. I can't tell you the speculation I was doing before the Mantle of Power update, and I'd previously assumed that it'd be gamebreaking and make hard grinding obsolete. 

Well, it only made it gamebreaking, but the fact still stands-- I'm playing to this day, even after the fact. The game is endearing that way... if there's a true issue, it'll be patched in a later date for certain, and if there's content that could be added, it's added. It has decent communication with its community (Trovesaurus, for example), and if the servers could be improved, would be one less thing off of its bucket list. 


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