Happy birthday, builder of Very Awesome Dungeons! \o/

Sun goddess in Trove :D

Yayy :D

"Sheer Willpower..."(2017.10.16 - 2017.10.25)

 Ohh, Korean!

So cute..! <3

Thank you  :D

Awesome and cute :D

Thank You I love your Arts too <3

'Time to break chains.. No time to cry.. but I can't stop crying..'

오오옷 굿! :)

짱이에욥 :)

Shadow Tower Fae skin(yet in pts server)

Just want to draw Shadow Tower :d(2017.07.04 finished)

I didn't know how to upload artworks on trovesaurus website before... oops...


Hello, I'm Luone who like dragons :D

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