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Commented on: Chaot Stalker giveaway

Why blackberry win all giveaways wtf rhis is rigged

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Can you pls try it again cause this is a bug but try it with good account like having alot of mastrey

Commented on: Chaot Stalker giveaway

gl to me

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How is this a Duplicate and of what , i don't see any reports show what i say here?.

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i dropped this mount 25 of it lul in 1 time

Commented on: Darkness Drakoneer giveaway

liked this! if i win i give sly 25$

Commented on: The Golden Dragon Effigy Offer – Until September 11, 2023! page


you should spend 50$ thats it waste your money there

Commented on: TheSymbols Chat Mod (edited by Rosealine) mod


arent you the guy who sell flux with Real money in trove trade chat :Susge:

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why this bug isnt fixed to right now >< why

Commented on: Petrified Pufferfish item

liked this! this fish is hell i cant find any place to fish it at

Commented on: PlayStation Summer Savings – Until August 30, 2023! page

Why these good disaccouts dont come to pc

Commented on: Cake Building Contest winners! page

liked this! Ayo i win

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i forget to say that quest say no geode topside so i think if there is stumps in geode so put it on quest descreption