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Commented on: Sageosaurus Plush art

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woah i thought that was real merch for a sec o_0

awesome job!

Commented on: PR0T0-LL art

liked this! so cuteeee >_<

Commented on: Prototot ! art

liked this! The realism really takes it there, my gosh dude

Commented on: Neon Lancer art

liked this! That's just stunnin' ^^

Commented on: Cataphract Construct giveaway

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i need to win this giveaway

it'll be the first one i'll ever win if i do :>

good luck!

Commented on: Lunacy form art

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Wow that's really good! Your art is very nice so far!

Commented on: The Roamer of Dreams event

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Time to start working again :)

Commented on: Waifu bard 2.0 art

liked this! Looks like she's made of candy! :D

Commented on: The "Bard" Boys art

liked this! Yes Yes Yes

Commented on: Mastapiece art

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Masterpiece 😂

Commented on: Me and My boi art

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It's been awhile since I've seen your work Cordellia, and you've gotten even better :)
Keep up the good work.

Commented on: The Final FriendFlip art

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awww, this is cute but sad );

Commented on: King Steed Feed XIV giveaway

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because i've never won one TwT

why do you care anyway?

Commented on: Here come shadow eve art

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I have one word for you: Bravo.

Commented on: King Steed Feed XIV giveaway

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