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Commented on: Mr. UHO art

liked this!

Hi Mr UHO C:

Commented on: Tiny Tim(?) art

liked this!

Floppy Moppy Tiny Tim XD

Commented on: tehe C: art

liked this! XD Evil Mouses were planning on doing that XD c;

Commented on: Phantataur giveaway

Commented on: Phantataur giveaway

If I win in a giveaway, then does my percentage of a chance to get it decrease?

Commented on: Heckbugs in Love 2021 art

liked this! Baby Heckbug is so cute! c:

Commented on: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The PiΓ±ata God is coming! art

liked this! Here Ye! Hear Ye! Eh's amazing art is coming! C:

Commented on: Happy Anniversary Trovesaurus!!! art

liked this! So cute~! I really hope you win this contest C:

Commented on: SnowFest 2020 art

liked this! Wow! I really like ALL the DETAILS you draw for contests! C:

Commented on: Vaentaera, the Perpetual giveaway

Good Luck Everyone! 😁 I really hope I win, cuz I never win giveaways even though I entered so much...;-;

I really want/need a dragon even though I have some! Lol

Commented on: King Steed Feed XIV giveaway

Good Luck Everyone πŸ˜… 

I really hope I win cuz I never win a giveaway 😐

Anyways~ The king is so Cute C:

Commented on: Cyborg Panda giveaway

I really hope I win this giveaway..!       {Good luck everyone! & Congratulations to the winners:}

I didn't win any giveaways though...:(

Commented on: Candy Pandie giveaway

I just entered it just in time to end...! Hope I win~! (I never won a giveaway before...)

πŸ’–πŸ’–Hope I win, PLEASE!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–      

{P.S. Good luck everyone :>}

Commented on: Aino's Epic Gibaway giveaway

Good Luck Everyone!! {I just entered, wish I would winπŸ˜„}

Commented on:

I got 3 of the codes!! So cool! I can't wait till I check it!                                                                                           Thank you so much for the free codes~! {Btw, I am eh2684's sis}