I'm unable to go into this world and my buildings skills aren't great.  I hope people have interest in it though!

This is awesome!  Glad people know where I'm from!

I hope I win and good luck everyone!  Please friend me in Trove!  My username is DragonKing9752 and I will invite you to my club!

I already have S. S. Draconic, but I am still entering this contest!


I really want to win this.  I will be sad if i don't.  

Why are their votes then?

Can I please win though.  I really like the dino tamer, and I sorry I got angry at you.  I love your sageosaurus.  Friend me, I'm DragonKing9752.  And I hope I win or get a class coin.  Thanks.

Than how do you win?

Then how do you win?

I need to win.  I will be angry if I don't.

You better comment on my post ETAEW.  Vote for me please.

I better win this time.  I will be very angry if not.  ETAEW, please let me win.

I like dracolytes.

Love is awesome.  I love my family.

I really like trove and I want to win.

I want a laseratops.

I love this event.

Oh my gosh.  I love dragons.

I really need a dino tamer.

Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're going to get.  That's what my mom always said, anyway.

I hope I win really bad.

Thanks.  Friend me.  My name is DragonKing9752.


I am the leader of The Club Court of Sushi Dragon Wizards.  If you want an invite, let me know and I need help getting all the dragons.  Thanks!

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