This is really cool, I really like your style

COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

Jurrassic Jungle Themed Shadow Hunter

I love this!

is cute, that will be all

COSTUME ( Candy Barbarian)

Freshly Baked Wild Cupcakes :)

Rosain (PC) 9 months ago


Katy02 and Rosain hanging out on awesome llamas!

Rosain (PC) 10 months ago


COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

Photoshop Image manipulation

Rosain (PC) 12 months ago


COSTUME ( Candy Barbarian)

Golden sands Candy Barb mod

COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

Novus Shadow Hunter based off of ATMOS Gunslinger, the helmet is the ATMOS helmet. 


It's an otter, from space, infected by chaos factor.


Raptor Mod Based off of my Royal Guard/Ranger costume

You are clearly not dank enough

Rosain (PC) 1 year ago



Kangaroo Light Cycle Based off of my earlier mod Skippy the Kangaroo


Frosty Racing Raptor


COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

Pastel Pink and dark gray shadow hunter costume, all credit for the awesome name goes to faelene


Hermes, bringer of  fortune is a griffon mount based loosely off the original sketch for Jet wings, F.T.L made by Ainogommon.

COSTUME ( Shadow Hunter)

Become the defender of the trovian galaxy with this costume!
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