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Commented on: Karda Shiv v2.0 style

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This could be a reference to the "Kardashev Scale" and it's used to measure a civilization's level of technological advancement and is divided into 3 main types!

This melee is referencing to a type 2 civilization: Capable of harnessing the energy from the sun by building a "Dyson Sphere" around the star!


"A technological marvel built around a mysterious crystal known as a Sun Tear."




Commented on: Fear the UHO art

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I love it!

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Yes, But I didn't get enough chocolate to unlock all of the recipes... But I did get all the hidden egg mounts!

Commented on: Chromatic Mechanoid Madness Logo art

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Commented on: Tiny Tim(?) art

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Commented on: Pinwheel Steel style

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Why is this so hard to get

Commented on: Tiny Tim & Timmense art

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I love your art! Keep it up! <3

Commented on: Hunting Luckbeast art

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This is absolutely beautiful!

Commented on: Anim attempt #1 art

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👀 What's this?

Commented on: Moonlight Tricksters art


Actually, I made this in Maya Autodesk 2008


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Commented on: lunar fae art

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Commented on: SkyTheVirus' Flippy Friends Challenge event

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Will this be an aquatic themed art contest?

Commented on: Moonlight Covenant art

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Looks like I've got a competitor >:3

Just kidding, I use Maya 2008 and I don't know how to draw too! 😅