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Commented on: Hunting Luckbeast art

liked this!

Whoa!!! That's good!
I love it ❤️

Commented on: Trovesaurus 6 art


Ty for your advice! I will keep it in mind and try to pay attention to it next time :)
As soon as i have time i'll try to draw a newer version of it :3

Have a nice day🙈

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I think i found a site where i can upload it for everyone to see... i hope it works...

Commented on: Trovesaurus 6 art


Yeah, after i looked at your art again, you are probably right with your feeling.
I took some insparation from your work, because i loved it so much! But the idea for my composition came from another picture.
I can show you my mood-board / inspiration-board i made, after i had a rough idea (<- problably heavily influenced by your work) what to draw.

Commented on: Trovesaurus 6 art

It's my first try on pixelart :)

I really wanted to try out this style of art, because i was gifted a programm called "Aseprite" last week!

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Go to the Main Page, there ist a section called "Promo" click on "Claim" underneath Sageosaurus ^_^

Commented on: [Deleted Art] art

is the unedited picture of the venguard yours ?
because you clearly put the axe over the picture from the vanguard. Im pretty sure its used by the game makers and i dont think you have the permission to use it...

Feel free to correct me, if i am wrong !!!

Commented on: Draw A Dungeon (D.A.D.) - Art Contest page

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when will the results of the contest be  published ?
and where can i find them ?

Commented on: PTS Patch Notes - Going Green Patch - May 9, 2019 page

"Class Gem Key fragments can now be crafted with 5 Empowered gem fragments at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench."

what was it before ?