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Commented on: :) art

liked this! This looks elegant. Would be great as an in-game wall painting item.

Commented on: enjoy time art

liked this! Awww I miss Gardening Ally. XD

Commented on: fae forest art

liked this! I love how detail the background is, even including the Magic flow around the forest. It is very calm and beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️

Commented on: Happy Spring Friends art


Haha > < Round and round!

Commented on: Happy Spring Friends art


Thanks you! I will work harder!

Commented on: Artistic Adventurer art

liked this!

A very cute artist girl with beautiful contour around the body. The use of green colors and props are great! Overall looks clean and neat!

Commented on: Spring Fling 2022 art

liked this!

A nice reimagination of the costume!

Commented on: Painter vs Spring Dragon art

liked this!

The size difference, texture of dragon, and the saturation really make this piece interesting!

Commented on: aika spring fling art

liked this!

I love the giant pencil and the rich green painting on costume.. It looks gorgeous. The background is a nice touch. I feel excited looking on your painting, amazing!!!!!!

Commented on: Larry Candylion art

liked this!

Haha fruit lion :P

Commented on: LarryTheCandyLion art

liked this!

Nice chibi style!

Commented on: Candy battle - Larry Candylion art

liked this!

Very nice expression! XD Looks chaotic with the falling cones!

Commented on: The almighty Larry the Candylion art

liked this!

I love the presentation, it gives an interesting sight to night view! The sky creates a comfortable space to make Larry's expression interesting.

Commented on: Water GOAT art

liked this!

I love the framing and water! The goat is shown in a nice curvy body.

Commented on: huge sweet cat art

liked this!

Yayyy Candy Barbarian!