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Commented on: ts9.png art

Chubby Rapt XD

Commented on: Together forever! art

Lovely piece! XD

Commented on: dudel art

I love the slim anatomy!

Commented on: Trovesaurus - AC27 - Trovesaurus 9.jpg art


Thanks you for the Trovesaurus and the community too!

Commented on: Redesigned - Subclass mod

Will you be making Redesigned - classselect in future? Cause there are many Quick Class UI being outdated or bundled by bunch of other mods like subclass. Thanks!

Commented on: - Obscure UI - Charsheet (Enhanced UI) mod

liked this!


Just convert all Sparks to Dusts so you will never accidentally use them. Any lag can easily break "gem level lock".

Commented on: Everdark Fishing art

liked this!


Please don't say that, they may release Uber-12 Everdark just for Crystal level 2 Class gem! 😂

Commented on: The Tale of Twilight art


Thanks you! <3

Commented on: Everdark Fishing art

Looks so relaxing in a scary dark biome. xD

Commented on: Birth of an artist...? art

We need more lore about the Sun Goddess! XD

Commented on: 0912.png art

Very nice! :o Perfect weight!

Commented on: Elysian Rally Banner art

The banner looks really cool!

Commented on: Elysian Offensive Paladin art

Strange answer, but I never see this armor in Trove before nor the event.

Commented on: Elysian Offensive Paladin art

Original artist please?

Commented on: Runnin the Charger! art


Thanks you!