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Created: June 9, 2018
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Hi I am the Owner of OctarockStudio a glassblowing studio | Youtuber | Cosplayer | Streamer| and a gamer with Asperger's 

I join trove back on 14oct 2014 and been playing whenever I can. 

Also, I just start getting in to make mods for the game and hope 1 day to have some my stuff be added to the game check my mod tab to see what I did so far that you can add to your game. enjoy feedback is always welcome


Also I have a project this year make stream dream allies for streams I know and others that should have got one but never did I be make as I get info back and who it is from some are take there time to get back to me so at this stage there no clear date on when i make an who i be making. I stream mod make each wensday


so far I finished





Mr Eye Ball


WolfBrother13le (helps many players and streams of the game )





Have a good week 

Octarock *hugs*





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