how do you get this lol

It will be over 100%. Actually you can even run 1-2 MH in place of CH on your lessers as you will be over 100% even with no CH boosts :)

This guide will go over exactly what you need to get perfect gems on Trove. This guide has last been updated at 3/25/2018. If things should change in future patches, I will update this guide as soon as possible.

I'm really hoping this comes this month like they said it would on livestream. I'm starting to doubt it though.. On twitter they said they didn't have a release date yet to a question and that "it was coming soon"tm.

On every new post they mention "spring" which starts on the 20th but it feels like if it was coming before the end of the month they would say "in a few weeks".

I really hope we aint stuck waiting months for a new class, new "sub" biome with a flashy welcome screen and a couple styles.

They went from patching every week to patching every few months and instead of releasing items in the game for free through events or chaos chests now they are in $5-$20 packs. No real new content, no real new anything other than styles that are community made and imported into the game with a few clicks of the mouse and a 30$ price tag attached.

Hey mate that means you probably have already used it :) Check in game to make sure you don't have it unlocked yet!

good luck and thanks for giveaway! :D

wew good luck and thanks for giveaway

Oops thats what i meant lmao

lol clever use of taking text and turning it into your own art. really good job, looks great :D

Missing this mount and it looks awesome. Here's hoping i win :D

20 minutes from now, good luck everyone ^^

this is a really good idea especially for new players. shame it doesn't work anymore

Looks very clean, love the side view :D

Wicked cool looking dragon!! :)

Lmao that is a cute little ally. Keep up the good work :D

Personally I think the dinos are really well done, unlike what the other guy said on the forums. I happen to like the "clean" look to them. Anyways, keep up the good work!

This is an extremely well made mod man, congrats, it looks awesome! :)

Nice new shiny armor! :)

thanks for the giveaway dusty_mustard :D

I found out about this site from Googling different items on Trove trying to find out what they did. I typically use Trovesaurus for giveaways and entering contests, as well as looking up new mods. I would love to see more profile pictures! (And giveaways are always welcome, though you guys do a lot of those lol)

Thanks again for running this website, it rocks.



My in game name is "See" and I often browse recent mods on trovesaurus "Liking" my favorites to show the authors my appreciation for their work. (If you want me to look at yours, message me and let me know!) I am slowly learning how to mod myself, and I hope one day in the future I'm good enough to get some of my own designs in the game.

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