Why Trion Worlds did you add about another 50ish resources to the game? Why??

Really hyped for the new update, and the prospect of a huge war to fight in if it is anything like that. 

The mount looks very Candorian, however I think it should be a cake with the bright pink frosting that is found in Candoria

I'm still gonna miss the pvp team even though this new game mode sounds awesome

Hey Trovians, I'm back today with a new article on the shadow titan, the Darknik Dreadnought. I will as usual, describe the attacks, and how best to avoid them, and the best classes to fight him with.

I would honestly take death defying, so you don't have to worry about clicking the flask button while tanking

Hello again Trovians, this next guide in the Shadow Tower Series is on the Shadow Hydrakken. As I did with the Pinata god, I will first explain its attacks, how to avoid them and the best classes suited for this tower.

Hey, what is up all of you people who play Trove! My name is Mr_CJ_Jo and in this guide I will be explaining how to defeat the Shadow Pinata god. First I will explain the bosses attacks, and then what classes are most effective against it.

What about the Chloromancer ( I hope I spelled that correctly ).

There is no love for the Boomeranger

Nice job on the explaining almost everything in Trove, just put in the shadow tower section, Daranik Dreadnought and the Hydraken

Hey, what is up my fellow Trovians, I'm Mr_Cj_Jo and I am creating a ore guide. One thing I want you to get is that some of this is other peoples ideas, so I do not own these ideas. With out further adue, let's dive in. 


I am the President of Darkanik Overlords, and really like Candoria, and Cursed Vale biome. 


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