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Note: Reported yesterday to Dan/Pantong who passed along and was fixed today in hotfix.

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Thanks for taking time to review , much appreciated :)

Commented on: aika spring fling art

liked this! Absolutely beautiful

Commented on: Lunar Knight Qubesly Merchant page


Thank you for the feedback, I've edited accordingly with the numbers from the daily quest and the 10 tainted received via the earlier step.

Commented on: Elara, Guardian of the Moon mod

Very nice work Turts, you did great on this :)

Commented on: Raijin mod

Love this design too mojo, the tomoe are very detaield on the drum, nice colour choices, very nice work.

Commented on: Devil Troubadour mod

Nice concept, devil went down to georgia kind of thing, I like the wings.

Commented on: Rock & Rolling Wight mod

Love the axe design you used for this :)

Commented on: Soul King mod

Ah soul king, nice design dude

Commented on: Knight Bard mod

I know a knight main who would love this, +5 points for the slow sebastian haha

Commented on: ProphetPerformer mod

Colour styles remind of a draco costume, not a fan of the face, but the crystal is very creative and is a nice design. I like the tentacles use on the weapon too.

Commented on: Ooga Barga mod

Memories of crash bandicoot come flashing back from this, nice witchdoctor look

Commented on: Venti mod

Nice colours, very wintry. Not keen on the face, but love the hat

Commented on: Carrot bard mod

Should have expected this to be a thing, it became a thing, why is it a thing... ah pen haha

Commented on: Gaia's Storyteller mod

The faun/satyr design is very nice, nice earthy colours and tones but not a big fan of the grimoire for choice.