I'm also from Maryland! :D

The big one in the Jurassic Jungle biome that shoots you into the sky (I think, never used it, but saw one)!

Hrmmm I might come back from the dead for this contest...

Yaaas. We need more dragons in our life!

  • Commenting and voting once again no longer triggers a page reload

I prefer commenting to trigger a page reload or at least update the comment section with your new comment after you click Submit.

I'm surprised that the "Gems! How do they work! guide isn't one of the most popular. I'm guessing its in the top 10 though. That could probably use an appearance update also.

Oh what will this dragon grow up to be... if only the Trovians stop blowing up the little guy's egg...

Be careful when eating it. It could contain an egg inside...

I become a Mod User after YouTube reccomended a video from ScythePlays (I think) talking about modding. He reccomended TroveTools.Net as an installer so I used that.

I only use No VFX mod and No Clouds to help me maintain great FPS during hourly challenges and huge pinata parties and it works very well. I'm only really interested in utility mods and I'd love to see timestamps in chat mod or a minimap.

He'll shoot ur recipe boxes.

 That looks like a real nice Spinosaurus.

Will there be some kind of review system for custom pictures before it gets updated like how artwork is for new people?

Would be nice if the gold page told us the dimensions for custom profile pictures and custom profile banners. I'm also assuming all the custom stuff goes away once your gold runs out. If so I feel like that should be emphasized before someone complains.

Thank you for the week of gold. :D

It'd be cool if the gallery had a more in-depth tagging system. Like some things can be tagged as builds, others as drawings, and sculptures and stuff. Some filters that'd be cool is by contest. Also creative writing type contests would be good. I'm pretty sure most people know how to write a story or fan lore about Trove.

I'm interested, but Imma cheapo who don't know how to cook. I'd attempt to make a 3D rendering of a Trove relate food item and make it as photorealistic as I can... if that's allowed...

Voted: Dracolyte

Did you know Trove's hub is a spaceship that only launches during times of big celebrations?

Will there be a feature for console users to use player made mods?

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Some weirdo who really likes dragons.

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