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A dragon found a use for those old boots.

I love the bubble dragon :D

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This is just amazingly cute XD

I saw how ClaryKitty Moded iDianaChanl's Paletto, The Colorful Canvas, and that made me want a mod for one of my dragons so can someone plz mod me a generator dragon :D

This is what they like to do before you attack them. :D

Thank you for the comment. :D

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This year was a great one and hope for better in the years to come. :D    I wish you all a Happy New Year !!

My thrid blocktron dragon. Well I wanted to keep trying to make a better blocktron. :D

This is an awesome build!! :D

Well, I did my best on the paper one, but the details didn't show up vary well so I redrew it on the computer for ya'll. Hope you like it!    :D

I did the round art style :D

I wish I had a better camera... DX

I wanted to do my best on this contest so I decided to draw with pencil and paper. I hope you all like it. :D

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  Hello everyone. My name's Future one of the two owners of the club, Aitaira. I love to draw and have learned the ways of ms paint. Thats all I have to say.  :D


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