Happy Birthday Swift! >.<

 Its an amazing idea, for an easy to get dragon for new players. I rember when I was new dragons where such a hard thing to look at. :D

Trying new styles, I wanted this one to be really cool with Wait powering up Wuti's sword with blue flames while fighting the hardest boss on trove, but since i'm not to good at action senes it could be better. Hope ya like it tho. Happy Birthday Pasteis!

Thank you! And same goes for your work! >.<

I went out of my confort zone for this. Making pinata people is a little strange for me, but I did, I posted it, and so I hope ya like it Symbol! >.<

More of a startegical retreat

I think this is a one sided battle DX

No description entered

When you know that you have to have it.

With the new city up and running, Luminopolis is the place that has everything from sky scrapers soaring to the sky to rampages fall out of it. All this might overwhelm a little Trovian like you. So we got you perpared, the new Hero office has just opened

Who says trees can't snowboard.

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Not paying attention to where your going were ya.

Ever wanted breakfast in bed, but are to lazy to get up? Well, good news for you science has advanced!! Stay in bed while breakfast comes to U with the new Flyin' Toaster!

No description entered

A dragon found a use for those old boots.

I love the bubble dragon :D

No description entered

No description entered

No description entered

This is just amazingly cute XD


  Hello everyone. My name's Future one of the two owners of the club, Aitaira. I love to draw and have learned the ways of ms paint. Thats all I have to say, have a good day.  :D


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