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Commented on: Lunar Phoenix mod

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god damn that is beautiful 

Commented on: Moonlight Seeker mod

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It's so good

Commented on: The Luntastic Dance Pad mod

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Great job qwerty, looks really nice, i really like the details on the back and and small lunar "claws"

Commented on: a art

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This looks really good, love the art style, also great costume choice.

Commented on: Hiveoponic Horticulturist giveaway

good luck guys


Commented on: Trovesaurus @ Gamescom 2018 (Cologne, Germany) page

Any spoilers regarding u10 and the requirement to enter, is it closer to 20k or is it going to be in 25k+?. 

Since u10 is coming, can we expect a new difficulty for shadow towers or if not, atleast rebalencing on the different tiers, since right now people can do ultras pretty quickly and we will only get stronger when u10 comes out?

Will u10 bring a higher tier then stellars into the game, if not, then is it something that is planned after the release of u10?

Lastly, i heard that keetsie liked carrots, i think she would love a certain mod called llarrot.

Sincerly pen

Commented on: Beemancer Art Contest page

yeah it is finished, but i have had assignments to do for college, thats why nothing have been picked yet

Commented on: Pen's mf nn build Neon Ninja Build build

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Was simple a mistake, it should be fixed now, nn don't use md at all

Commented on: Artist x Modder Signup event

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Well, might as well sign up, gonna be excited for this.

Commented on: G.R.Y.P.H. 3000 Giveaway event

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i wonder if this should be taken down cuz of trion's move...

Commented on: How to ToW art

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I love this, good job aino, you made me laugh.

Commented on: Albairn Giveaway giveaway

goodluck people 

Commented on: Blyatiful 'Salty pen(dk)' masturpiece art

better then i can draw.

Commented on: Chaos Coin Giveaway giveaway

gratz to the winner, glad to giveaway a coin again if i win from the devstream

Commented on: Builder's Club Spotlight #17e00: Evil Introductions page

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Great job on the article evil, looks really good. 

As the theme is big bigger biggest next time, i would recommend edge of abyss, they have this huge centerpiece that looks amazing

The join command is /joinworld edge of abyss or /joinworld 7553170355418938095