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November Database Update

We've updated the Trovesaurus database to the latest client patch. Here are the changes....

November 20, 2018 Database Update

October Update - DB Update

Check out the changes to the Trovesaurus database from the October Update....

October 17, 2018 Database Update

Trove - Geode: PTS Styles Database Update

We've updated the PTS database with Styles from Trove - Geode....

June 9, 2018 Database Update PTS Styles

PTS Strings - Geode

We've generated a list of String changes from the current live client to Geode on PTS....

May 18, 2018 PTS Geode Strings

PTS Blueprints - Geode

The following is a list of new blueprints detected on the PTS client vs the current Live (Heroes) client....

May 18, 2018 Geode PTS Blueprints

Database Update - Adventures (Styles)

Sorry for the delay folks, I had to tweak our aging Styles DB importer to work with the current format of the client files. I'm now ready to show you a list of changes to Styles that were made during the Adventures update....

November 27, 2017

Database Update - Adventures (Strings)

These are the strings from the database update of Trove - Adventures. This is in a seperate document due to the length....

November 14, 2017 Database Update

Eclipse - Database Update

We've updated the Trovesaurus database for the Eclipse Update....

August 22, 2017 Database Update

Database Update - Depth Charge

We've updated the Trovesaurus database to the Depth Charge patch....

April 11, 2017 Database Update

Styles Update - We're Sorry

Over the past few Database Updates we found it strange that no styles were being updated, after more reports from others we found that this was definitely a mistake. We tracked this down to the filenames being changed to lowercase by the new extractor, a...

July 22, 2015 Database Update

Start of Beta and Ninja Edition

September 25, 2014 Patch

9/16/14 - Style Edition (and the last patch of Alpha!)

September 17, 2014 Patch


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