A new art challenge approaches!

Trovians, we're calling out to you to create Chloromancer themed fan art. The Trove team has teamed up with Trovesaurus to host a new challenge for all our artists during the #gamigotrees charity event!

To participate in this art challenge, create your own Chloromancer tending nature and submit your entry on the Trovesaurus webpage. Check the Trovesaurus website for further details and for future art challenges, Trove related info, and much more.

Top participants may win a Flower Power or Clover Collection Pack for Trove on PC. Plant some ideas in your head, and possibly include a Leafy Lasher or Blooming Pollinator as your creativity flows and grows.

Looking for other ways to show your support? Purchase a #gamigotrees pack, get rewards, and help Eden plant trees! Gamigo and the Eden Reforestation Project have partnered to help restore beautiful forests. Learn more about #gamigotrees and check our leaderboard here.

The Trove Team