Pumpkin Pounder

Tonight, tonight is the time for smashing.

This model is not currently available on Troxel!


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Several sought after Halloween styles have been added to the Autumn Style Unlocker – Freaky Frankie, Moonhowl Mask, Brusque Broom, Bat Bow, and Pumpkin Pounder. In addition to all that, we’ve added 3 new hats styles to the unlocker as well – Pumpkin Pie-rate Hat, Rainbow Unicorn Wig, and Candy Corn Hood!

  • [style=equipment_weapon_1h_blunt_290] category changed from 'Event' to 'Autumn'
  • [style=equipment_weapon_1h_blunt_290] by Trove Team (Event) -
  • [$prefabs_loot_Weapon_Melee_equipment_weapon_1h_blunt_290_name] => Pumpkin Pounder
  • [$prefabs_loot_Weapon_Melee_equipment_weapon_1h_blunt_290_name] => Pumpkin Pounder
  • [$prefabs_loot_Weapon_Melee_equipment_weapon_1h_blunt_290_desc] => Tonight, tonight is the time for smashing
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