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Trovian! This is one of the new recipes that requires a Glashadial Shard!

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These go in your BUILD INVENTORY! Place them to find your way into THE UNDERSTACKS!

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Meet Qubesly under the Tree in the Hub

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Snowfest 1/7: Trovian! Snowfest is here! Come meet me and my friends in the hub!

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Complete Snowfest Daily Adventures

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Snowfest 2/7: Remember the Subzero Snowflakes? Diggsly's made a new discovery in Delves: a Subzero SHADOWflake! The Delver's Guild is busy studying this new material. Please, help my friends here in the Hub in their Snowfest efforts this year!

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Learn the Recipe: Stitched Snowfest Quilt

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Snowfest 3/7: Thank you so much, Trovian! While you were helping, the Sunseekers discovered this recipe from inside of a Frosty Treasure Box they got when Donating at the Snowfest Table! Here, Claim it and learn it!

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Use an Understacks Delve Gateway to buy a Shadowy Catalyst

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Snowfest 4/7: Defeat the boss of this Delve to find The Catalytic Classics and buy a Shadowy Catalyst!

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Snowfest 4/7: The last thing we need is a Shadowy Catalyst. I warn you, Trovian, it may be dangerous. But I know a Bookfriend down in the Delves who sells just such a Catalyst! Take these Delve Gateways and get me that catalyst! You'll find THE CATALYTIC CLASSICS after defeating a boss in The Understacks, they will sell you the Catalyst!

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Craft a Glashadial Shard

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Snowfest 5/7: According to Diggsly, now we can make the required Glashadial Shards to craft the carpet by combining Snowflakes and Shadowflakes! You can do this at the Snowfest Table next to me here in the Hub!

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Craft the Stitched Snowfest Quilt

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Snowfest 6/7: Alright! Now you can craft the carpet! Plus, now that you know how to craft the shards, I'm getting reports that there are other recipes which can be discovered from the Frosty Treasure Box!

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Equip the Stitched Snowfest Quilt

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Snowfest 7/7: Nice work, Trovian! Diggsly and the Delver's Guild thank you for your investigation skills! Now equip your Stitched Snowfest Quilt take it out for a spin!

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