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Get your oven mits and your spatula ready!

Defeat Dungeon Bosses in Candoria

Great Trovian Bake-off 1/9: Welcome to the Great Trovian Bake-off. I'm the Merry Berry Faerie and I'll be your partner for this event. Do you have what it takes to compete with the best of the Faerie Bakers Society? Let's begin… now!

Collect Cupcakes

Great Trovian Bake-off 2/9: Cupcakes. Those naturally occurring sweeties native to Candoria. All good bakers can collect a basketful without batting an eye. Spatulas at the ready! And… go!

Cupcakes can be found in Candoria Adventure worlds as drops or growing out of the terrain. Items acquired via a Trading Post or the Marketplace will not count.

Fish Up a Mint Choctacoise

Great Trovian Bake-off 3/9: Did you know you can fish in Chocolate? I still remember the homemade fish biscuits my mother used to make. Delicious AND nutritious.

Mint Choctacoises can be fished up in the Chocolate waterways of Candoria. Visit the Nautical Assembler in the Hub to craft a Candied Fishing Cane. The nearby merchant, Saltwater Sam sells the lures required to cast your line.

Mine Infinium

Great Trovian Bake-off 4/9: At the fanciest Faerie cafes, you can find monte blancs topped with shaved Infinium flakes. You Trovians don't know what you're missing.

Infinium can be mined in Adventure worlds starting in Cursed Vale and continuing into Uber worlds.

Defeat Bees in Medieval Highlands

Great Trovian Bake-off 5/9: Honey is a great way to naturally sweeten your desserts. There's just a tiny snag – bees! Lots of bees!

Bees can be commonly found in Medieval Highlands adventure worlds.

Mine Crystalized Cloud

Great Trovian Bake-off 6/9: The secret to a light and fluffy sponge is vigorous whipping – or a good amount of powdered Crystalized Cloud.

Crystallized Cloud deposits can be found in Cursed Skylands adventure worlds.

Defeat an Elder Flamedrake

Great Trovian Bake-off 7/9: I cooked up a plan for a surefire winner this year! Have you ever baked with dragon fire? Neither have I, but I think it will give us the edge we need to win.

Elder Flamedrakes can be found lording over Dungeons in Dragonfire Peaks adventure worlds.

Defeat a Molten Lord

Great Trovian Bake-off 8/9: I won't sugar-coat it for you – dragon fire is too unpredictable for precision baking. Instead, let's steal some heat from a Molten Lord, and give our sweet treat an ooey, gooey, molten chocolate middle.

Molten Lords can be found as bosses in the Dungeons of Dragonfire Peaks adventure worlds.

Collect Faerie Dust

Great Trovian Bake-off 9/9: And now for the finishing touch –  a sprinkling of Faerie Dust! With this masterpiece, there's no way we can lose. We'll be seeing the results of all our hard work soon.

Faerie Dust drops from Faerie enemies, predominantly found in Fae Forest adventure worlds.



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Get your oven mits and your spatula ready!

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