Turkeytopia returns to Trove, but this time it’s personal. The Dragonfire Peaks are alive with the sound of turkeys. These aggressive avians are in a fowl mood and the molten lava pits have them stewing in their own juices!

The techno-turkey invaders are more aggressive than ever and pack one heck of a wallop!

Survive the devastating knockback attack and take down the powerful poultry to earn Turkey Stuffin’ Boxes for lots of seasonal loot.
  • Pumpkins
  • Glim
  • Festive Turkeytopia hats
  • Rare mounts
  • 13 seasonal recipes

Take on all new Turkeytopia objectives to get into the holiday spirit. Gathering together in Trove beats IRL because we bring phat loot: Gem Booster Boxes, a Ninth Life Booster, 25 Diamond Dragonite, and more!

We have a mountain of new and classic Turkeytopia mounts available as well.
  • Appeased Dream Gobbler crafted at the Turkeytopia Table from the Trotting Turkey mount
  • Roast Rider crafted at the Turkeytopia Table
  • Trotting Turkey rarely drop from Turkey Stuffin’ Boxes
  • Springing Turkey rare loot from Uber difficulty Dream Gobblers
  • Ready Roast crafted at the Turkeytopia Table
  • Turbo Turkey magrider

Take the fight to these turkeys, knock the stuffing out of them, and harvest up a veritable cornucopia of loot!