Upward air draft. Affects gliding.

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PostCard wrote:

Leviathan World Bosses
  • Diligent explorers might find the way to some new world bosses in Geode Topside worlds – the monstrous Leviathans living underneath the surface.
  • There are 3 versions of these Leviathans, each with their own giant and dangerous abilities.
  • The 8 players who defeat the most Leviathans each day will receive an Ego Potion.
    • Ego Potions can be used to temporarily increase the size of the player’s head.
    • Unused Ego Potions will vanish during each weekly reset.
  • Defeating a Leviathan gives an increased chance of dropping Crystal 3 equipment along with Lesser Geode Topside Caches. While the drop rates increase with higher ubers, Crystal 3 equipment can drop from a Leviathan in U-8.
  • Leviathans also drop Torches, which grant Light and are equipped in the Banner slot.
  • Tempered Torches can be crafted at the Sunseeker’s Crystalforge by combining Fragile Torches and other materials.
  • Tempered Torches only last until the weekly reset at 11 AM UTC on Mondays.
  • Fragile Torches last only until the next daily reset at 11 AM UTC.

General Adventure Updates
  • Adventure Heroes now have an exclamation point over their heads.
    • Yellow exclamation points indicate a Trovian Adventure Hero.
    • Blue exclamation points indicate a Geodian Adventure Hero.
    • Green exclamation points indicate an Event Adventure Hero.
  • All Adventures from Adventure Heroes now state what type of adventure is being accepted.
  • The Adventures window (default hotkey I or Activities > Adventures in the Quick Menu) now has additional information about how to find adventures.

Club Adventures
  • The Club Daily Experience Cap has been increased to 100,000 for all clubs, big and small.
  • The Club Adventure reward cap has been reduced to 20. Rewards have been rebalanced for this change.
  • The current Club Adventure limit has been increased to 5 (from 3) but Adventures taken from any Club counts towards this cap, rather than tracking Clubs the player is a member of separately.
  • Completing Club Adventures and crafting Clubits have a chance to spawn a Club Pinata.
  • The Requirement to place the Repose of Heroes has been reduced to club level 3.
  • Adventures now give a consistent amount of base Adventurine based on the rarity of the Adventure Hero who gives the adventure.
    • Common Adventures give 150 Adventurine.
    • Uncommon Adventures give 200 Adventurine.
    • Rare Adventures give 250 Adventurine.
    • Epic Adventures give 300 Adventurine.
    • Legendary Adventures give 350 Adventurine.
  • The rarities for Club Adventure Heroes have been adjusted.
    • The Mysterious Champion is now Rare instead of Common.
    • Neologus is now Uncommon instead of Rare.
    • Lady Seldarine is now Common instead of Uncommon.
    • Dracantes is now Uncommon instead of Epic.
    • Katonnis is now Uncommon instead of Rare.
    • Chief Brosquatch is now Common instead of Uncommon.
    • Irran-Shu is now Uncommon instead of Epic.
  • Club Adventure Heroes no longer fall asleep.
  • Club Adventure Hero removal cost has been normalized, it now costs 200 clubits to remove any adventure hero.
  • All Adventure Heroes of a given rarity now hang around for the same length of time
    • Common Adventure Heroes last for 24 hours.
    • Uncommon Adventure Heroes last for 12 hours.
    • Rare Adventure Heroes last for 6 hours.
    • Epic Adventure Heroes last for 3 hours.
    • Legendary Adventure Heroes last for 1 hour.
  • Many club adventures no longer have quest text as the title itself is enough to describe the text.
  • Club Adventure Heroes have had their available adventures reworked so they each give one Adventure.
  • Snarkle no longer accepts chaos chests that come from claims, but will now accept golden chaos chests.
  • The Mysterious Champion now gives an Adventure to deal 100,000 damage in Bomber Royale or win a match.
  • Yoshimi Is now located on the Beacon of Heroes instead of spawning at the Rally of Heroes and grants permanent access to an Outpost Adventure to defeat 15 Luminopolis enemies.
    • This adventure provides the same amount of XP and Adventurine as other outpost Adventures. It also counts against the Outpost Adventure daily limit.
  • Yoshimi will only appear for Beacon of Heroes placed after this patch, so some clubs may need to remove and replace the Beacon of Heroes. To help pay for this, all players with at least 20 Mastery and log in within 24 hours of the patch will receive 50 Clubits.

Geodian Outpost Adventures
  • Geodian Topside and Geode Cave Adventures are now both considered to be Geodian Outpost Adventures.
  • Only one Geodian Outpost Adventure can be active at a time.
  • The Geodian Outpost Adventure reward cap has been reduced to 5 as they can only be completed one at a time. The rewards have been increased to compensate for this.
  • Geodian Outpost Adventures now give 350 Adventurine as a reward.
  • The Geode Cave Adventure Pebbles have relocated next to the cave portals, where they figured they were more likely to get Trovians to stop and help.
  • The mining Pebble no longer wants inorganics from the caves and is now looking for Builder's Crates.
  • The amount of organics and critters needed to complete the Geode Cave Adventures have been increased.
  • The Geode Topside dungeon completion adventure has been replaced with a Mining adventure.
  • The requirements for the Complete a 5 Star Dungeon Adventure have been reduced to 2 (down from 3).
  • Completing a Geodian Cave Adventure has a chance to provide a Reliquary. Now how did that sneak into your inventory?
  • Completing Geodian Topside Adventures has a chance to provide a Lesser Geodian Topside Cache.

Trovian Outpost Adventures
  • The Outpost of Light now appears on the map as an Adventure Outpost. These Outposts in Igneous Islands and Drowned Worlds have been redecorated with Saltwater Sam, a Nautical Assembler, and a Personal Chest.
  • Adventure Outposts can spawn in every biome. Beginning with the Permafrost World, players will always enter Prime and Elemental at an Adventure Outpost.
  • Outpost Shrines have also been renamed Adventure Outposts, and their adventures are considered to be Trovian Outpost Adventures.
  • Each Trovian Outpost Adventure can only be completed once per day.
  • Trovian Outpost Adventures now give 75 Adventurine each.
  • An Outpost Merchant can be found on Adventure Outposts who will trade Adventurine for Adventurine Strongbox Keys, Bombs, or an Adventurer’s Lunchbox.
  • There are now Adventure Heroes at the Adventure Outpost for each biome that have unique adventures.
    • In elemental worlds, the Adventure Outposts where players enter the world will always have a Hero which gives the appropriate Collect 5 Gem Boxes adventure. These Adventure Outposts can be identified by their dragon headed prows.
    • In Drowned Worlds and Igneous Islands, other Adventure Outposts may have an appropriately dressed Boothilda who requests players find fish in that world.
  • All Trovian Outpost Adventure Heroes in Luminopolis now offer one specific adventure.
    • A new Spider Hero has been added that provides the existing plasmium adventure. This hero can be found on the pink towers outpost where the sugar glider kami was previously located.
    • The centaur kami now asks for any Neon City dungeon to be completed rather than specifying Luminopolis dungeons.
    • The fish kami now asks only for fish rather than sometimes asking for plasmium.
    • The griffin kami now asks only for defeating enemies rather than sometimes asking specifically for punchbots to be defeated.
    • The tortoise kami still asks for primordial flame, but no longer cares which biome it comes from.
    • The bird kami now asks only for Charged Circuits to be crafted.
  • The Luminopolis defeat adventures now only provide credit for the first 3 mobs from any source.
  • Adventure Outposts found in Luminopolis can no longer be damaged.
  • A Donation Station has been added to the Adventure Outposts found in Luminopolis.
    • Donating Plasmium, Charged Circuits, Logic Loops, or Memory Matrices give a chance to receive Adventure boxes.
    • Rampage Bosses may also be summoned at these Donation Stations for the same cost as crafting a Beacon.
  • The Plasmium costs for Beacons and summoning rampage bosses has been increased as they can now be summoned immediately.
  • Completing Trovian Outpost Adventures has a chance to grant a Locked Adventurine Strongbox.
  • The Locked Adventurine Strongbox requires an Adventurine Strongbox Key to open. These keys can be obtained from Outpost Merchants.
  • The Locked Adventurine Strongboxes can contain allies (including a pinata ally appropriate to the current season), a mount, rarely a non-tradable costume, or very rarely a tradable costume.

  • The first time each credit pack is purchased it now gives an extra 20% credits!
  • The Level 25 Pack has arrived. Purchase this pack to receive an empowered gem box of each type plus a Class Boost: Level 25
    • The Class Boost: Level 25 is a new item that, when consumed, sets the current class to level 25. It will set the class to level 25 regardless of the level the class is at when used, although it cannot be used once the class is level 25 or over. It is not affected by any kind of experience multiplier.
    • Class Boost: Level 25 cannot be used on trial classes or classes that are already over level 25.
  • Replaced the Power Deal at 2500 PR for 5 Ninth Lives with one for 105 Dragonite for 1250 credits.

Additional Updates
  • A Class Gem Key is now granted when each class reaches level 25. Note these classes must be switched to in order to receive this grant.
  • Additional rare allies can now be found in the Ally Habitats produced at the Harvesting Station.
  • Geode Topside "Large Dungeons" are now more likely to be 5-Star as opposed to 3-Star.
  • Down with Lairs, up with 1 star dungeons! Lairs now only refer the dead ends in geode caves, instead of also referring to some 1 star dungeons.
  • Increased the amount of 1-Star Dungeons which spawn in the "Saurian Swamp" sub-biome in Jurassic Jungle.
  • To alleviate performance issues for some users, updraft trees in the Primal Preserve sub-biome of Jurassic Jungles are less common.
  • Fixed an issue where the Atlas could become unresponsive after resizing the window.
  • The “Gather 3 Trovians” objective spawns slightly less frequently and gives slightly better loot.
  • Luminopolis and Neon City are now slightly different colors on the world map.
  • Thalassian's Biome in the Drowned Worlds now has a claw icon on the world map.
  • Empty "Open Lava Seas" now exist in the Igneous Islands world. There isn't anything to do here, but it sure makes the map look nicer.
  • Daughter of the Moon's "Backslash" attack should now do enough damage to one-shot even the most powerful of Trovians.
  • Attacking the Spikewalker in Shadow Tower as a melee character should be significantly easier.
  • Shapestone ore is now more common in the Medieval Highlands worlds.
  • Cinnabar no longer spawns in the Medieval Highlands world.
  • Some of the early Golden Thread steps have been tweaked to reduce redundancy and increase accessibility.
  • The Qubesly ally now gives 2 jump in addition to superstition.
  • The Ludini, Patron of Playfullness and Sarsaponia, The Pristine dragons have returned the autofire ability to be exclusive to Za'Hadeen, Heart of the Flame.
  • Saltwater Sam has packaged the "Worn Sail" in with the SS Dinghy, and now offers Lootseeker's Mainsail, designed by Jusiv!
  • Spear Vault Style can now be obtained with Super Style Stashes.
  • A Spear Vault Style Stash recipe has been added to Runecrafting at the Runecarver rank.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some collection unlockers (like the Super Style Stash) to erroneously message that all collectables have already been unlocked.
  • Deconstructing fish at a compost bench now gives all of the rewards instead of just a trophy.
  • Trial classes can no longer gain experience beyond level 4.
  • Experience coins now give errors when used on trial or max level classes instead of silently not working.
  • Some of the allies from the Promo section have been moved to the Dev Dream section and can now be acquired by using Dev Dream Ally Boxes.
  • Renamed "Cosmic Empowered Gem Box" and "Citaria's Watery Treasure Urn" to "Empowered Cosmic Gem Box" and "Empowered Water Gem Box".
  • The Crystallogy section of the Geode Adventures Tracker has been removed.
  • Fixed a bug with /clublog where it sometimes would get confused about a club's log if the club has more than one name.
  • The Moon Goddess has chilled out a bit. Moonlight bulbs will now disappear after 3 hours instead of 1.
  • Mounts that plant seeds will no longer avoid club world caps.
  • The Ship to Geode will finally depart the hub once it changes to winter.
  • Stiltsticher enemies should now be easier to hit in combat.
  • Corrected some grey voxels on Armored Abyss Assailant.

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Morgana wrote:

Arriving on 7/7/15!

Launch is coming: on July 9th, to be precise! With it comes the launch on Steam and the release of our latest class, the Tomb Raiser! But until then, we've got plenty to entertain you with!


* You can now choose to play on the EU servers from Glyph, use the drop down in the upper right.
* EU players will automatically get sent to EU adventure worlds when entering an adventure portal. You can still join other players if you're NA or EU, just expect it to have higher latency if you do. You can use /region to see what region your world is in.

* You can now click and drag in build mode to place multiple blocks at a time.
* In build mode, the mouse wheel now rotates the block being placed.
* In build mode, a red block is now shown when attempting to place a block in an invalid spot.

* Added dungeon icons to fog of war in the map. You can now see where lairs and dungeons are located in explored areas!
* The compass now shows large dungeons and recipe lairs.
* The world map now shows recipe lairs.

* Chat messages now have a right-click menu for the sender where you can: Add them as a friend, invite them to join you, ignore them or report them for spam.
* You can now report players for spam
* The text for different club channels now have text in various shades of green.

* New Mastery rewards through level 200 have been added to the game!

* Added support for gamepads!
* The controller currently must be connected before starting Trove.


* The newbie objectives have been adjusted and there are a few new ones.
* If you haven't completed objectives that are required to be completed in the tutorial you will now be prompted to go back to the tutorial world.
* New players now select their starting class at first login.

* Chaos Chests have been randomized! Launch week wingstraveganza!
* Pricing has been updated to account for currency conversion rates. This means things will cost more Euros and Pounds.
* Credit packs now cost one cent less in American US Dollars.
* The Patron Pass is now live! This grants a ton of nice bonuses, including +2 Chaos Factor. You can buy 15 and 30 day versions in-game and recurring versions via the Glyph website.

* Added increased ranks of badges and rewards for the following categories:
** Quests Completed
** Blocks Destroyed
** Boxes Opened
** Consecutive Days Logged In
** Total Days Logged In
** Fishing
* Updated collections categories.
* Samantha the black cat is now worth 50 mastery points.
* Up through mastey rank 30, Cubit rewards are now 500 and have replaced the Credit rewards.

* Improved projectile targeting for ranged classes.
* Enemies now aggro the Fae Trickster's clone, the Pirate Captain's Pretend Pirate, and the Tomb Raiser's minions whenever they are in range, instead of just when they're spawned.
* The Fae Trickster's decoy, the Pirate Captain's Pretend Pirate, and the Tomb Raiser's minions now have a short window of invincibility after receiving damage.
* Most explosive player abilities now do much reduced block damage. The Boomeranger is the exception.
* Fixed bug where Dracolyte is sometimes unable to use abilities in dragon form.
* Fixed bug where Dracolyte familiar could disappear until changing classes or relogging.
* Spikes (thorns) affix no longer debuffs the Fae Trickster's basic attack.

* If your Chaos Factor increases after receiving your daily Chaos Chests, you will get your additional chests on your next login, instead of having to wait until the next day.
* Increased the range in which player receives loot.

* The Deconstructor is now known as the Loot Collector, to better reinforce its function to new players.
* The Bounding Boot ally can now be crafted from the Nautical Assembler in the hub.
* Multiple stacks of items in your build inventory will now be properly counted when crafting.

* Changed the Featured Club World portals into a heart shape to distinguish them from other portals.
* Made the "Runner Up" Featured World portal white to distinguish it from the Novice Adventure portal.
* Updraft now in the hub!

* Many NPC abilities do much less block damage.
* Sky portal should no longer require a level to enter.
* The healing pylon boss ability now spawns less frequently, heals less frequently, and takes fewer hits to destroy.
* Reduced the damage of fireball traps.
* Reduced the duration of flamethrower traps and lava effects.
* No longer will loot sometimes fall through the world when opening a chest or placing a block on top of it.
* Ore now spawns less often in Novice and Adept worlds.
* Created a new "Quest Completed" portal for completed dungeons.
* Added delay to healing pylon so it doesn't heal immediately upon spawning.

* Changed the collections window default keybinding from I to Y.
* Changed the liked worlds default keybindings from Y to L.
* When setting a control binding that conflicts with another you are now given the option to swap these bindings.
* Usage text now appears on inventory tooltips.
* Pressing escape when the system menu and main menu are open will now close both them at the same time.
* Having the main menu open will no longer stop the mouse from being recaptured when entering a portal.
* Fixed the last member in the Club roster being cut off.
* Hotkeys displayed in the HUD are now updated immediately after rebinding in Settings.
* Tooltips and some other UI strings that reference hotkeys now display the hotkey that is currently bound instead of being hard coded.

* Increased client stability.
* Fixed a rare crash due to race condition.
* Implemented various server improvements.
* Fix bug where you would sometimes move at mounted speed while running and vice-versa.
* The client will no longer queue multiple join me requests from the same player.
* Fixed a bug where other clients could crash after a player died while mounted.
* Fixed bug where mining laser didn't collide with workbenches.
* Fixed a really annoying bug where the mining laser could target blocks behind the player.
* Blocks will no longer sometimes mysteriously reappear after being destroyed, or disappear after being placed.
* Spikes created by the Death Knight's spike bomb and the Boneblade Wraith's spike slam are no longer lootable.


* If you enter a shadow portal EU and NA players will get sent to separate worlds.
* The Dark Infineon wings don't look right.
* Gamepad Support: Some PS4 controller buttons are not currently mapped correctly.

* Boomeranger's Double sword attack has new sound.
* Ice Dragon Frost Breath audio polish.
* Boss Gravity Well audio added, Boss magic Beam audio added.
* Cactus men & golems mob sounds added.

* There are now some new default styles to enjoy.
* An assortment of new uncommon and rare face and hat styles have been added to the game!
* New VFX for the Winter and Dark Boomeranger costumes.
* All placeable objects now use the placement shader.
* New VFX for the Ghost and Master of Commanding Pirate Captain costumes.
* Added a new feather effect to the thrown parrot.
* The models for Laden Sleigh, Snowball, and Disblock board have been changed to look less like certain other in-game items.
* Dragon breath effects should now be fully in sync with their breathing animation.

* Pearlescent Pinions wings have been added to badge rewards
* Midnight Mantle wings have been added to badge rewards.
* Dark Infineon wings have been added to badge rewards.
* Aquabatic Ailerons wings have been added to badge rewards.
* Infineon Charger, Radiant Rainmaker, and the Striding Starchaser have been added to badge rewards.

* Controller buttons are remappable only directly in %APPDATA%\Trove\Trove.cfg for now. You can change the stick sensitivity using StickSensitivity in the [Input] section (defaults to 1.0).
* You can remap any button within the [Controller_Shared], [Controller_Adventure] and [Controller_Build] sections.
* Use this format: BUTTON_NAME=ActionName (ex. BTN_A=Jump)

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Ocho wrote:

Defiance and Trove player Market wanted to share a few of his thoughts on Defiance and Trove. Read on to hear what he has to say!

Greetings Ark Hunters and Trovians!

I’ve been a Defiance player since Beta and spent a great deal of time playing on Xbox 360, PC(NA), and the Public Test Server. I picked up Trove after seeing it featured on the Trion Twitch livestream and I found quite a few similarities between the two as well as some pretty major differences. I could easily write a small book about Defiance and Trove, but instead I aim to give a brief outline comparing and contrasting these two games. The goal is to give some insight on why a Defiance player may enjoy Trion’s other project.

Entertaining combat system with skills/powers and moddable equipment.
Large, open world environments to explore and fight through.
Vast quantities of loot to collect and trade with your friends.
Instanced high-level battles offering a chance at rare treasures.
Daily objectives with special rewards.
Meeting up with friends or random players to adventure together.
Background progression system that allows players to unlock bonus stats and in-game items.
Several unlockable and store-only modes of transportation for your characters.
In-game store offers several items to make life easier in the game or to give your characters personal flair.
Free-to-play with no tricks or traps.

How Trove differs from Defiance:
Build mode allows you to build with voxels in a Clubworld or your own private Cornerstone.
Easy leveling system with different classes, each having their own set of skills and powers.
Community submissions are added to the game nearly every week.
Still in Open Beta, with content and fixes added each week.
Heavy character customization available at any time, allows players to show different hairstyles, hats, masks, costumes and weapons.
Very easy learning curve to master the game.
Countless styles, decorations, and block types to unlock and use in a Cornerstone or Clubworld.
Choose the difficulty of the game by entering different portals into adventure worlds.
Randomly generated adventure world maps guarantees you’ll never see the same one twice.
In-game store has items you can purchase for real money and in-game currency.
Sandbox gameplay.

With half of Trove focused on building, it’s only fair that this subject would get special attention. Clubworlds can be expanded greatly using in-game materials and make a good gathering place for your club members. The best perspective I have on this is from the club I run alongside my son, Sargonnas, that pays homage to our Defiance roots – Defiant Few.

In the Defiant Few Clubworld, we have several constructions to see and more are being worked on daily. We have a Skitterling statue and a scale replica of the Gateway Arch for the Defiance fans. There is a 4-person maze race, a functional 9 hole golf course, and a miniature ice hockey rink. Our latest additions are something Defiance players will be familiar with… Ring courses! To date, there are six finished courses in Defiant few, while two more are under construction using the new updraft blocks. If you want to have some fun with your wings, Defiant Few is the place!

We have some members actively building in Defiant Few. Sargonnas, Fuzz, Etaew, and myself are the club Officers, but we have a few Architects as well. Sarg has a huge string of biomes on the east side of the Clubworld containing some amazing spires, as well as our “expert” ring course. Fuzz built a giant snowman and a scale replica of the ExtraLife Joystick ally. Etaew has been slowly building a castle inspired by another video game in his library. Kithgarass, one of our Architects, is building a temple complex based on the four seasons and it is a sight to see.

I think many Defiance players would enjoy Trove. There are enough aspects of Trove that are similar to Defiance, but several make Trove a game of its own.

Defiant Few would love to see you visit us! Trove is free to play so all you have to do is run a quick install and join in the fun!


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Avarem wrote:

* Deconstructing should no longer cause crashes
* The ultimate Shadow Hunter arrow sounds more ultimate
* Shadow Hunter can no longer hunt other players with the Sun Snare ability
* Flask of Zeal now always restores energy even when jumping
* Fixed updraft bug where you could fly up forever
* Fix for getting way too many trophies
* Recipe lairs are now +33% more common

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Morgana wrote:

Arriving on 2/10/15!


* Shadow Hunter is now live! This class uses a bow to do massive damage to enemy targets with charged shots, while the shadow trapped in their gem whispers about who to kill.

* You can now craft a portal to the Sky Realms!
* Mine Crystallized Clouds, harvest Radiant Shards, but you'd best come prepared with wings, or it's going to be tough to keep up!
* A new rare mount, the Nimble Nimbus, can now be found rarely in the Sky Realms!
* Updraft blocks are now craftable in the Fun Factory!

* Wings are now obtainable in game!
* Mastery Rank 20 and 100 now grant wings!
* Stormcaller's Wings are now in the store!
* Wings of Darkest Night now drop incredibly rarely from Shadow Arenas.

* Runecrafting is now live! Obtain some radiant shards from the Radiant Ruins, then learn a whole bunch of new block recipes to build to your heart's content! As your runecrafting skill increases, you'll unlock a variety of colored, metal, glass, and glowing block recipes.
* At the higher levels, you'll be able to craft vault style unlockers that will unlock a Vault style, as well as tomes that you can equip to grant yourself additional resources of a specific type as you adventure!
* A new mount, the Floating Formula, can now be crafted by Runic Masters at the Runecrafting bench!


* Added 101 new colors of colored blocks (split between standard, glass, metal, and glow).
* Added emotes! You can now /wave hello or goodbye or take a nap with /zzz. Characters with no input for 2 minutes will also now automatically start snoozing.
* Fixed the dreaded "Received user acknowledgement" login bug.
* Mastery rank now goes to 100!
* The Magic Find tooltip now has correct text.
* Fixed a bug where players who are loaded in while already in flight appear to fall and teleport back up repeatedly.
* Fixed a bug where being hit by an enemy could cancel jumps and other movement.
* Chests now take fewer hits to destroy.
* Spikes can now be destroyed by bombs.

* The Mount, Mag Rider, Flask, Wings, and Ally slots are now class specific.
* As a result of this change the Mount, Mag Rider, Flask, and Ally slots will be empty on log in and will need to be re-equipped.

* Chaos Chests have been randomized!
* Uberman, a new costume for the Gunslinger, is live!
* Prisms are now 1000 Credits.
* Heart-a-Phone is now in the store and now turns your target's name red for 24 hours.
* You can no longer purchase the textured block recipe in the store for bordered blocks. You now earn these through Runecrafting.
You now gain 2 no-trade flask coins instead of the fixed flasks in the Power Pack.


* Gunslinger's Blast Jump ability now increases height less but gives you a temporary slow fall effect
* The Gunslinger now slowfalls after hitting with a basic attack
* Fixed bug where Gunslinger's passive instant charge shot couldn't be fired at zero energy.

* Mining Troves, Party Animals, and Recipe Blocks will now drop the new type of block recipe that teaches you a random block recipe that you don't already know.
* You can now deconstruct stacks of the same item.
* Red equipment can now be deconstructed for flux plus 1 eye.

* Magic Carpet drops are now more common in Uber 4 and 5, and are otherwise less common.
* Uber 4 and 5 worlds are slightly harder.
* The King's Tomb dungeon will no longer spawn in Undead Hills.
* The Haunted Mansion dungeon will now spawn properly in the Undead Hills.

* Shadow Arenas and Dungeons are now slightly harder.

* Improved cloud distribution, especially while moving. Clouds now respond immediately to lighting changes.
* Fixed a bug where the knight could lose Iron Will shield VFX upon being hit.
* Significantly reduced CPU cost of camera-based player opacity.
* Fixed a bug where exiting gliding by jumping put the player into the wrong animation.
* Resource blocks now blend into the terrain better.

* Accesories on hairstyles will now, for the most part, ignore hair color and retain their own coloring
* New decor by Tribe, MajorTom, Qoaleth and Screamheart has been added to the game!
* New hairstyles by Dragoes, GadgetCAT, and Subtitles have been added to the game!
* New mask styles by TigerLove, Ixion, chocobag, and Claire have been added to the game New hat styles by Kukui, Ranen, TheZoobler, Aviarei, Shyster, MCfan567, Turtlenade, Dusty_Mustard, Floretha, Agent_41, and Phoenix have been added to the game!
* New staff styles by Zeeg, MediocrityGoggles, Smorph, nolanvoid, KtlavskoX, FedoraTip, and FriedSushi have been added to the game!
* New melee weapon styles by Karokendo, Sentium, Zeeg, Zodriac, ForJagler, Turtlenade, AllieCat, RoflGofl, Blindside, Miredirex, Seral, Enthropy, ElMexicano, LETAL1TY, LippyLapras, Hypatech, Smearg and Fhilian have been added to the game! New pistol styles by Zipperumpazoo, BlueMango, and Voodoo have been added to the game!
* New bows by Tribe, Aodahn, Jonny_Spikey, Screamheart, nolanvoid, Floretha, Greenitthe, PinkNekoGirl, Tyhler, Riptide, FriedSushi, GadgetCAT, Stedms, Ixion, RutilusFalx, EdgeG, Cougarkillz, Solipso, MapletXD, LinguisticallyInept, Drakfyre, MiszterSoul, TehRedReaper, MysticLugia, LippyLapras, Ranen, TheGiv32, miopiIV, watermellonduke, JumpyBunny, Dragoes, Leeman, CloBunny, _Protichsx_, Qoaleth, GinnyBinny, Bahamuth, Quedifuv, Linker, FrozenCross, Taiboi, Uniquisher, Jallafish, Wallow75, Aspis, Sephyr, Shyster, MajorTom, Buckerneir, Dirkalo, MrTuffnStuff, TomixD, Rhylight, PsicoVoxeL, Leeon, Nomeneta, Caspersaur, tmahwk, Prototype, Rade_Dobison, pasi123567, GreyRellik, demosito, Stedms, Aodahn, TheZoobler, FriedSushi, PinkNekoGirl, HandofGod, Tribe, Khali, Eriri, Mirage, Ecky, Kiyomi, Kyiro, Zimanta, Nomeneta, CassIV, TeeKayM, Soulrenor, Dave203, Kopandazavr, TheGiv32, Robotik, Ginkgo, Lucifuge, Prototype, cczeus, Tresette, taelg, AshtonGrey, Byoo, and Kane8066 have been added to the game!
* New Neon City dungeons from Khastiel and Lamafao.
* New Undead Hills dungeon from Screamheart.
* New Treasure Isles dungeon from FriedSushi.
* New Candoria lairs from Habosbabafos, Thresio, Markec1983.
RN: New Undead Hills lairs from Tribe and WINRAR-exe.
RN: New Highlands lair from Condorspark.

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Imported in Patch: Class Coin Edition

Designed by: Trove Team

No blueprint is available for this item.

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