A Beginners Guide: Trove Forging 101

August 17, 2015 by [Deleted User]

Welcome to Trove Forging 101!

This guide will give you an introduction of Trove's forging system. We will talk about:

Item Rarity

Forging Mechanics

Class Builds&Tips

Remember this guide is meant for newer players so we will include very basic information. If you have been playing Trove for a while don't worry you might learn a thing or two.

Let's get started! 


Last updated 9/21/2015


RarityTop ^

Like other games rarity determines how good an item is. From the image below we have all the item grades where Common is the lowest and Radiant as the highest grade. On top of that Shadow items are divided from Shadow level 1 to 5. Each Shadow level can be consider to be their own tier because the stats growth between the levels are quite huge. The level requirement of the items only goes from level 1 to 10. You won't able to find gear that requires higher than level 10, because in Trove only rarity determines strenght of an item.





  • Items from Resplendent and under is usually only use for leveling. Your goal is to obtain Shadow gear then forge your item up to level 5 and eventually up to Radiant. The only items that are worth keeping are Shadow and above, the rest can be put in the Loot Collector.

  • Shadow Lv1 start dropping from Uber world 1 to 6. At Uber world 5 there is a chance to drop Shadow Lv2 and Uber world 6 Shadow Lv3.


ForgingTop ^

When we talk about forging we have 3 different forges in the game:

Regular forge: upgrade item rarity.

Enchanted forge: adds extra stats on an item, empower stats growth, reduce level requirement of an item and change radiant glow.

Chaos forge: randomize stats. 


Let's take a closer look on these forges step by step. 


 Regular Forge

This one is pretty straight forward. All items have a star "meter" on them. Each upgrade will increase the bar by 1 star. When you reach 5 stars on an item the next upgrade will transition into next tier, which usually cost alot more or require special materials depends on rarity. After you reached the new tier you will start over from 0 stars again. For example you go from Rare → Epic, Shadow Lv1 → Lv2 or Shadow Lv5 → Radiant. Same order as the rarity image above. You can also see what the stats changes are before you decide to upgrade.




  • You usually want to start upgrade from Shadow and above, forging anything under Shadow is consider waste of materials.

  • In Trove you need to use the forge to able to get the best equipments. With the forge you can upgrade any rarity into Radiant and control what stats you want on a certain extent. For more info about stats look at the Chaos Forge section. 


Regular Forge Materials:

 Flux - Obtainable from deconstructing equipment in Loot Collector or by opening various caches like Dragon Cache, Shaper's Dream Cache, Shaper's Vision Cache etc.

 Eye of Q'bthulhu - Obtainable from deconstructing Relic rarity and onward in Loot Collector or by opening various caches for example Shadow Cache.

 Twice-Forged Shadow Soul - Obtainable from deconstructing Shadow level 2 rarity in Loot Collector or by opening Shaper's Dream Cache.

 Thrice-Forged Shadow Soul - Obtainable from deconstructing Shadow level 3 rarity in Loot Collector or by opening Shaper's Dream Cache.

 Quad-Forged Shadow Soul - Obtainable from deconstructing Shadow level 4 rarity in Loot Collector or by opening Shaper's Vision Cache.

 Penta-Forged Shadow Soul - Obtainable from deconstructing Shadow level 5 and Radiant rarity in Loot Collector or by opening Shaper's Vision Cache.

  Purifying Dragon Flame - Obtainable by crafting at Dragon Crucible, requires:

  •  1x Dragon Coin - Obtainable from opening Dragon Cache.
  •    200x Radiant Shard - Obtainable from Sky Realm by doing Dark Heart Lairs, defeating Radiant Giant or opening Radiant Cache.
  •    30x Primordial Flame - Obtainable from mining.


Down below we have a forging table, which shows the cost to make Shadow items up to Radiant. The first row with 1 star indicates how much it cost for each upgrade. The other ones is just sum of multiple upgrades at once. For example if I wonder how much it will cost to make a Shadow Lv1 to Shadow Lv2 starting at no star. It will cost me 375 flux[5 star cost] + 500 flux[tier cost] + 50 eyes[5 star cost] + 50 eyes[tier cost] => Total of 875 flux and 100 eyes.




  • About obtaining Penta-Forged Shadow Soul, the cheapest way is to get one from the Shaper's Vision caches(rare drop) otherwise it should be cheaper if you craft one by yourself than buying one due to unstable market.

  • To able to make cost efficient Twice, Thrice, Quad and Penta-Forged Shadow Soul. You need able to do Uber world 5 and Uber world 6 for Shadow level 2 and 3, then make the items from there.



 Enchanted Forge

All Shadow items starts with 3 stats. Using Pearl of Wisdom in Enchanted Forge will add an addtional stat and up to 4 stats which is max for an item, doesn't apply to rings.  



If you keep adding Pearl of Wisdom on the item, you will add bonus stat to an existence attribute(applies to a random stat). Which means it empowers the stat growth, example below. On right side you see there are 2 pearl icons next to the name. If you compare the both Maximum Health % the one with pearl is stronger despite both with same Shadow level and stars. Every stat can max have 2 pearls. This means for a fresh Shadow item you need 1 pearl to add the 4th stat and 8 pearls to maximize your item. The first pearl will give 10% bonus and second pearl adds an addtional 20%, so total 30% of stat growth.



With Enchanted Forge you can also reduce the level requirement of the item. Every Twinkling Tome you add will reduce the equipment level by 1. This makes it possible for a level 1 character to wear the best equipment in the game. There are also an option to change Radiant Aura, this only applies to Radiant weapons. When you reach Radiant rarity your weapon will automatically receive a visual effect which makes your weapon look awsome.


Wreath of Flames(Default)                 Glacial Grip(Default)


Fighting Lightning(Default)              Enhancement Enchantment(Default)


Curse of Mortality(Default)                


Shadow Stain(World drop)                 Tough Love(World drop)


Neon Nemesis(50 Neon Dragon Soul)Ancient Allure(50 Ancient Dragon Soul)


Enchanted Forge Materials:

 Pearl of Wisdom - Obtainable from opening Shadow Cache, trading with Treasure Isles merchant for 1000 flux or avaible in the credit store. (Also get 1 free from mastery level) 

 Twinkling Tome - Obtainable from opening Chaos Chest or avaible in the credit store. (Also get 2 free from mastery level)

 Glim - Obtainable from various way, the most efficient method is deconstructing fishes and Diggsly in Loot Collector.



  • I do not recommend to buy any forging materials from the credit store, since it's easy to get them in game by yourself or trading with people. Save your credits for something else.

  • If you want to have a low level requirement of an item and don't want to use Twinkling Tome. You can upgrade an item with low rarity(low level requirement) up to higher rarity, because the level requirment will stay the same.



 Chaos Forge

At Chaos Forge you can randomize stats but only the 3rd and 4th stat changes. This means it's important for you to pick an item with a 2nd stat you want before using any forge! The stats you get are not totally random, since there are only few stats combination that are possible for an item.  The 1st stat on all item are always fixed. The 2nd stat always comes random when you find it. Stats with pearl icon will stay the same after being randomize only the attribute itself changes.




  • Always add a 4th stat on the item before rolling.
  • When you have a correct 2nd stat and a 4th stat added on your item. Then the sequence of upgrading on any forge afterward doesn't matter.


Chaos Forge Material:

 Tentacle of Q'bthulhu - Obtainable by clearing dungeons, defeating Shadow Giant or opening Shadow Cache.


Here is a chart of possible stats rolls, just remember the same item can't have 2 of the same stat.



Class BuildsTop ^

This section I will give you my builds on the end game perspective, what I think is optimal for each class. Since this is somewhat relevant to upgrading gear and is not easy to know what stats you need when you are new.

Pay attention on what 2nd stat I have for each item, if you can't afford all equipment this gives you a possibility to stats roll and test(for some item not all). If you dont like it you can always change the stats back. All the builds are balanced for doing Shadow Tower and adventuring. You also want to figure out what is the most cost efficent build for you, so you can use it on multiple classes.


Attack Speed doesn't affect Tomb Raiser so we have it replaced with Movement Speed. The Movement Speed is not necessary but nice to have. With high Energy Regeneration increases your sustain ability. Even with that you should have decent amount of HP because he is in melee range, this means you are very vulnerable to smash attack if you dont pay attention. But going glass cannon is totally fine.


Dracolyte is very similiar to Tomb Raiser. Attack Speed doesn't affect this character aswell. This class have low HP pool as a front liner compared to the other tanks. This is why it's important to build HP on this guy together with life steal attribute makes you very endurable. If you can't afford Vampiric Emblem then you need to change the ally to Prowling Shadow for the life steal effect to survive. With Energy Regeneration gives you option to stack up bombs, not necessary but nice to have. The reason why I dont have Health Regeneration on Ring is, it doesn't scale well with high HP builds.


With high Energy Regeneration you basically replace your auto attacks with the right click ability. This is the reason why you don't use Attack Speed on this class and Movement Speed is nice to have to able to kite efficiently while spamming ice cubes at the same time. Having decent amount of HP is good because you play alot in melee range. But going glass cannon is totally fine, because Ice Sage have high burst potentional and kills everything before they can touch her.


This class is all about damage. Very dependent on Attack Speed, together with Energy Regeneration he can spam infinite with AOE. His kit have all the survivability he needs. With decent Jump you can snipe bosses from the air if there are to many monster blocking your projectiles. Health Regneration is also good on low HP characters because of how it works.


Another Attack Speed dependent class. Even that this guy uses a gun his attack mechanics work as a melee and operates in melee range. Pirate Captain have a very high HP pool and together with his decoys he don't really need a tanky build. If you have problem surviving then Vampiric Emblem is a decent choice. Also this class don't use Energy Regeneration which makes it a bit easier to build.


This class is all about stay in air and shoot fast. Gunslinger is pretty weak in many aspect so his only safe place is floating in mid air and take whatever time he needs to kill his enemies. He dont really need that much Energy Regeneration, just enough so he can stay in air with his first ability together with Jump.

Shadow Hunter is very energy dependent to do damageThe reason he don't need Attack Speed is when you reach high enough Energy Regeneration you can fire your right click multiple times without charging and still do decent damage, you also have to share some of the energy to put traps. As Shadow Hunter you don't wanna jump during battle because you can't regenate energy, so having good amount of Movement Speed is nice together with charge arrow. 


Boomeranger are auto attack dependent. Need high Attack Speed, they dont use energy so they can freely move in air to survive when using bow and spam abilties without penalty. But even that they have high enough HP to tank hits and kill stuff at the same time.


If you stack HP as a melee Boomeranger you can act as tank even without having reliable sustain abilities. Together with high base HP, Health Regeneration and clearing speed, Rapt Berserker can keep you alive against the toughest enemies. If you have problem to survive you always have Vampiric Emblem. But going glass cannon is also fine.

Very energy hungry class. Candy Barbarian uses alot of energy either if he want to do to damage or sustain. This class is natural strong and as a tank you need high HP and with Energy Regeneration you maximize the potential of his kit.


Need same stats as Candy Barbarian. Like as usual being in front line you need HP and with Energy Regeneration you can do pretty good damage. Some mix with Attack Speed you have decent AOE too because Knight's auto attack almost hits 360 around him.


As a melee class Neon Ninja is pretty squishy so I recommend to have good amount of HP, even if you can play around aggro with your invisibilty is not very reliable. Also Neon Ninja need good amount of Attack Speed and Energy Regeneration for his kit to work properly. If you sacrifice Health Regenration for Movement Speed you need to compensate it with any life steal to stay alive. 


Lunar Lancer is very squishy he have same HP pool as the range classes, so he need any kind of life steal attribute to sustain himself in longer fights. His primarly damage source is from Crecent Combo which means Energy Regenration is his main stats to keep the skill spam able. Due to this Lunar Lancer doesn't use much of his auto attacks so is totally fine to change the Attack Speed to Movement Speed.



  • Try to save some of your Cubits and buy Arcane&Martial emblems. The 2nd emblem for some classes doesn't matter but having Arcane or Martial is a must on every class. The flask is also optional and depends how good you are at surviving. I prefer to use Elysian Bandolier for more flask capacity for buffs, since I don't use flask for restoring HP anymore.

  • Don't blindly follow the class builds think this more as a guideline. Try to understand the class your are currently playing and build according to your playstyle. Remember these builds is for end game that I have experience, it may not suit you.

  • To reach highest possible stats you also need to reach Mastery Rank 97 and consume alot of Dragon Souls to get all the passives.


If you are interested check out this Damage Spreadsheet. The lay out is not the best and requires a little bit of math. Basically what I did is, I tested all damage amplifier in the game to see how much damage everything does. What you have to do is simply multiply your current "Magic/Physical Attack" with the percentage in red to see how much damage you do, is not the exact number but a good approximation.


That's all folks, have fun Trovin!

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