How To Get 5-Star Radiant Gear

August 4, 2015 by [Deleted User]

Hello, and today I'm gonna show how you can get radiant gear by forging. This is going to be very, VERY expensive so make sure you have a lot of flux, eyes (not the ones on your head :P), 9 Pearls, Two Twice Forged Shadow Souls, Two Thrice Forged Shadow Souls, Two Quad Forged Shadow Souls, Three Penta Forged Shadow Souls, Eight Purifying Dragon Flames, and Possibly a few Tentacles.

Now on to what gear you need. So for the piece of gear you'll probably want to get at least a shadow level one item so that your not wasting flux on anything else under that. Now the stats that have to be what YOU want are gonna be more RNG based as you can't reroll the first two stats on an item. The third stat does not matter as it can be rerolled with tentacles and flux as much as you want.


Next is getting the fourth and third stat you want along with adding the fourth stat. So now you have the gear you want, what do you do with it? Well you need a pearl of wisdom first of all to add a stat on it. If your third and fourth stat are the stats that you want, then your lucky since you don't need to waste tentacles and flux to get the stats you want.


Now if you have more pearls you'll need eight more to add "Pearls" onto your stats to make them more powerful. The time you do this does not matter at all.


So after you've got everything you need now it's time to get that five star radiant you've always wanted. As I said in what resources you need to forge this item it is very expensive. Each time the level (shadow level) goes up it gives you a gear level. Shadow level one=one gear level, Shadow level two=two gear levels, and etc.. Once you hit five star shadow level 2 gear you'll see you need two twice forged shadow souls. To get these you need to have a shadow level 2 item and you'll need to deconstruct it and same with the other forged shadow souls. The forged shadow souls are very tedious to get and it's basically getting more of twice forged shadow souls to forge into thrice forged shadow souls to forge into even higher ones etc., see how expensive it is? This is why you should just buy these from other players.


Then some dragon fireball pops up which is a purifying dragon flame you'll need three just to get to radiant gear and one every star I believe (I may be wrong on that). To craft these you'll need some dragon coins, golden souls, and primordial flames.


Now that you've gotten your Five Star Radiant gear you probably want an aura you want. There is ice, lightning, fire, death skulls, and colorful signs of symbols. If you've got what you want once you got your radiant gear then you're lucky. If not you can change your aura with flux. If the piece of gear is a hat or face then it won't have an aura


Sorry if this is poorly formatted but this is the first guide I've ever made and hope to get better in the future. Congratulations on getting five star radiant gear you can now handle almost every adventure portal in trove and maybe even radiant giants solo with no exploits.

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