Hello Trovians!

July is here, and it’s a special month for us—it’s Trove’s birthday! 🎉Join us in looking back at last month’s adventures and get ready for even more fun with birthday-themed activities, new rewards, and community highlights. Let’s make this birthday unforgettable together! 🎂

In June, we made a splash with the Rising Tides update. Dive into a new difficulty, a new gear tier, a new delve biome, and much more! 🌊

Find the full list of patch notes over here.

We also celebrated the prideful Splendid Summer event. From an exciting quest chain with brand-new rewards to the Pride Parade Monorail roller coaster, Trovians united to enjoy the summer fun! ☀️

Get ready for Sunfest – starting July 9, 2024! 🎂
Advance through a brand-new quest chain, meet new NPCs, clear cake dungeons all over Trove, and compete on the new leaderboard as new rewards await! 🎁

Exciting news for our Xbox Trovians! 🎮

We know you’ve missed out on some fantastic events so far, but fear not! Stay tuned as we roll out these events, ensuring you get to experience every bit of the action and rewards!

Celebrate Trove’s birthday with us on TikTok this July! 🎉

We’ll be highlighting memorable updates from Trove’s history, taking a trip down memory lane. Follow us for fun and nostalgic content, as we revisit the milestones that have shaped Trove over the years.

Keep your eyes glued to our social media – that’s where all the latest and updates will pop up. You don’t want to miss any of the exciting details or surprises we’ve got lined up for you!

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Your Trove team!

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