• Fixed an issue that would prevent "Deep Fallow (13) ..." gem boxes from dropping in "Long Shade" worlds
  • The "Ore" leaflets on the Runecrafting bench have been removed
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Solarion Paragon class contest leaderboard not to appear
  • "Giantlands" 5 Star dungeons no longer appear in Long Shade / Uber 12 worlds
  • Fixed a text display issue for one of the effects applied by the "Fury Rune"
  • 3 collectable mounts have been added to Saltwater Sam's Depths Workbench (costs are still placeholder)
  • Fixed an issue where the Depths delve biome would use a regular boss room if the entrance to it was on Top.
  • Effects have been added to the pet collectables on the Saltwater Sam Depths Workbench (costs are still placeholder)
  • Jeallous, Maxie the Swift, and Shell Shock Shelton no longer spawn randomly throughout "Long Shade," and instead must be summoned from Depths Obelisks, which will replace the standard invaders in the zone. Costs are subject to change
  • Minimap and Compass should now correctly indicate which layer outposts in the Sundered Uplands of the Long Shade have spawned on.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Crystal & Mystic gear to spawn with the incorrect values for Critical Hit Damage & Chance
  • Slightly increased the amount of Stability that can appear on Mystic gear


  • 1 new Legendary dragon, and 2 new Ancestral dragons can be hatched at the Dragon Crucible!
  • Egg Fragments for these dragons can be found by defeating the summoned enemies from the “Invading Depths Obelisk” in Long Shade difficulty (15).
  • The legendary dragon, Circumsolae, Fringe of the Ever-Pyre, can also be unlocked via a Golden Pyric Dragon Egg, which can be found in Greater Dragon Caches, or via a Dragon Effigy.
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