• Runeslate has been renamed to Chunk of Runic Ore to avoid confusion with "Rune Slate"
  • "Ore Rune" now triggers upon looting ore, rather than upon mining for a 5+ seconds
  • Fixed an issue with the "Ore Rune" effect which would cause it to remove itself when triggered a second time
  • "Depths Rune" has been moved from the "Depths Caver" tier in the Runecrafting Bench to the "Depths Binder" tier


  • The Rune Anvil can now be crafted at the Runecrafter's Workbench for Runecrafters of 300+ skill under the Depths Carver category
  • The Rune Anvil contains 4 (conceptual) "Runes" the player can unlock nodes in: Stone (Earth), Abyssal (Water), Zephyr (Air), & Pyric (Fire)
  • the Abyssal, Zephyr, and Pyric 'runes' remain locked until the Stone rune has been fully upgraded
  • This Progression System can be reset for the cost of 1 x "Soul of the Depths"


  • Updated map color and icon for the starting zone of the Long Shade worlds.
  • Fixed an issue preventing "Pyrite Seashells" from spawning in Long Shade Treasure Isles biomes
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