• Fixed a crash when trying to select the "Depths Core" or "Runic Essence" recipes on Saltwater Sam's Depths Workbench when it was present in the Desert Frontier biome
  • 'Murkwater' Mark will now also sell a "The Depths" matchmaker priced in credits
  • Increased increased both the low-end and high-end "tier"/"rarity" for gear dropped in 'uber 12' / Long Shade Difficulty (15) worlds. Specifically, Legendary/orange items should be half as common at the low end (instead granting Relic/Red), and higher Stellar ranks should be available at the high end.
  • Increased the payout from the "Surfaced Depths Cache" (5 star) as well as the "Runic Depths Vault" (Delves). The payout for using a "Sparkling" key has been further increased
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Crystal gear from dropping in "Long Shade" difficulty (15)
  • Increased the Health & Damage values for Long Shade Difficulty / Uber 12 NPCs
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